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"Like, I mean, it's just like, well. Like you know!"

Parents Are Driven Crazy by Teenage Use of "Like"

Say, it's these kids these days, you know? Who go and say that word all the time so it winds up making the old folks go crazy. Do you see what I mean?

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Is the U.S. Cold War with the Russians Back On?

NATO Treaty Off and U.N. Inspectors Banned from Russia

I heard this creepy story over the weekend on National Public Radio, is Armageddon back in the air? It seems like Putin and his gang are pissed off at Bush and his boys. So the Ruskies basically decided that no more United Nation Inspectors will get access to their bombs and that whatever weapons the Russians wanna make they can.

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Bin Laden's Back

Terrorist Sonofabitch Back After Year-Long Hiatus

Bin Laden appears to be back after more than a year of being out of the picture. Read the story here.

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Excerpt fom NEW PERSPECTIVES QUARTERLY: The Challenge of Positive Freedom

Or, how America's cultural exports shape American political freedom throughout the world

This is not light summer reading, but it is pretty cool; and, if you just read this chunk you get the essence.

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Bush Commutes Libby Sentence

Wow! And you thought we'd seen the lowest common denominator in action... already!

News Alert 5:54 p.m. ET Monday, July 2, 2007
Bush Commutes Libby Prison Sentence
President commutes prison sentence of former top aide to Vice President Dick Cheney, shortly before he was due to go to jail for lying and obstruction. From Washington Post.

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Reunion Stadium Tours Make Happy But Poor Fans?

Has-Been Rockers Plan to Line Their Pockets this Summer

Everyone knows that music editors across the globe are living in a secret state of permanent twitter with all the news of ancient rock idols taking the stage once again. And while childhood fantasies of handsome musicians may gloss over the reality of aging crooner's hip replacement surgeries or the fact that some tickets are literally more expensive than the very car you drive, to many it just doesn't matter. Fanciful fiction beats dowdy fact every day.

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Germany Bans Tom Cruise for Being Member of Dangerous Sect

Tom Cruise and Paula Wagner's Production Company's Scientology Troubles

Cruise's new movie "Valkyrie," about a failed plot to kill Hitler, is going to be a bit harder to make since the Germans decided to deny him access to historical sites inside Germany. Germans view Cruise's religious affiliation with Scientology as more like a cult or "dangerous sect."

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The Daily Word 2.27.07

Today's Headlines from Everywhere

The Daily Word
In the news: Medical marijuana bill, Robert Nordhaus, Billion or so dollars, Barelas neighborhood, Jaguar kills Santa Fe native, Western governors, Vice President Cheney, attempt on his life, Where have all the bees, food safety inspections, Post-Oscar party review, And you though it was embarrassing to be Bruce Willis, Is James Cameron a moron?, Dell to sell laptops, Legal herb, Remember the tooth!

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The Daily Word 2.26.07

Today's Headlines from Everywhere

The Daily Word
In the news: majority decision Friday, N.M. News, World News Top Ten, controlled burn, weather, Cockfighting ban, Alan Arkin, Oscar, Golden Raspberry Awards, Americans still trust Congressional Democrats, Louis Farrakhan, stumps for environment, Pakistan: Cheney worried about al Qaeda, renewable energy, deliver, launches rocket, Ad with imagination

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15 Gadgets for Artists (and Writers)

From Wired Magazine Online

"Last week we offered a guide to Top Gadgets for Writers, and now it's the artists' turn. Bearing in mind the standard disclaimernothing here will make you any good (only many hours sat before the ultimate photoshop tutorial, nature herself, can do that)permit me to ignore the absolute basics, taking for granted the paints, pencils, easels and other fundamental tools. The mismatch of gadgets, cool stuff and workaday utensils listed here will doubtless seem arbitrary: be sure to tell us what we missed."

Whole story here.

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Gov't Mule • Southern rock at Sunshine Theater

Casino/Cuban-Style Salsa and Rueda de Casino at National Hispanic Cultural Center

22 Jump Street at UNM Student Union Building, Atrium (ground floor)

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