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Lyricists Launch: Jimmy Santiago Baca at the Kimo

If it’s April, there is probably a good chance that someone somewhere is publicly reading a poem to a rapt audience. After all, April is National Poetry Month, and Albuquerque celebrates it with a gusto usually reserved for hot-air balloons and green chile. So as the inaugural Book Talks Series kicks off at the Kimo Theater, it only seems fitting that some of the best poets in town will appear live for this celebration. Tonight, there will be a no-holds barred conversation between poetry legend Jimmy Santiago Baca (whose books include A Place to Stand, Healing Earthquakes, Black Mesa Poems, Martin and Meditations on the South Valley and others) and local poet extraordinaire, Jessica Helen Lopez (author of Always Messing with them Boys). Tickets are only $10 for adults, $8 for seniors and $5 for students, and can be purchased at the Kimo Box Office, online or by phone at 886-1251.  KiMo Theatre • Fri Apr 12 • 8 pm • $10 • View on Alibi calendar