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Alibi’s cutting-edge wine rating application for smart phones

One of the most exciting aspects of the Alibi’s April 6 Fine Wine and Art Fest is that, in partnership with a company called, we’ve designed a dynamic mobile phone app that will allow you to see all the wines from participating wineries on your smart phone as you cruise through the event hall. Wines will all be neatly organized by booth, winery and wine category within the application. You will also be able to access information about wine prices and where bottles are available for purchase. And you can comment on the wines and rate them as you sample them, so that all your thoughts are recorded for future use. This information will all be shared and shown in live time on large television monitors at the event. Those that don't have an iPhone or Android can direct their mobile browser on their Blackberry or Windows phone to and use the mobile website.


Oskar Blues Brewery’s “Canned Beer Apocalypse”

Although not included in the event’s title, the Alibi will be featuring an outstanding beer garden as part of the free samplings being offered at the Friday, April 6 Fine Wine and Art event. The beer garden will host about 30 craft breweries including Ska, New Belgium and, of course, local favorites Marble, La Cumbre and Blue Heron. Ironically, the beer garden actually became the busiest gathering place at Alibi’s last wine event and our spectacular beer lineup garnered rave reviews from attendees.

This year, one of the nation’s most popular craft breweries, Oskar Blues, will be back to sample their revolutionary canned beer that caused what they refer to as a “Canned Beer Apocalypse” in the industry. This brewery has received countless awards across the nation and is considered by most to be one of the best American beers made. Oskar Blues, which has an enormous cult following in Albuquerque, will be handing out samples of favorite such as Dale’s Pale Ale, Old Chub (a Scottish Ale), Mama’s Little Yella Pils (a Bohemian Pilsner), Ten Fidy (an Imperial Stout) and if we are lucky, they will bring samples of their newly released Deviant Dale’s India Pale Ale, which won the 2011 Great American Beer Festival silver medal behind Albuquerque’s own La Cumbre.

Until Oskar Blues’ Canned Beer Apocalypse, nobody had ever thought of caning craft beer because cans were known to impart a tinny flavor to the delicate product. In 2002, by coating the beer cans’ insides with a water-based coating, the extremely environmentally conscious company was able to spark a revolution with their unique process that made the beer much more portable. The funny thing is that although beer in a can is much more environmentally friendly, the company’s owner, Dale Katechis, actually begin using this canning process because he thought it was hilarious to put his Dale’s Pale Ale which is a bold hoppy ale into a can. Today, a large portion of craft brewers use this canning process to ship and sell their beers and it is believed the cans actually keep the product fresher.

Oskar Blues Brewery, which was originally in Lyons, Colorado and referred to as the Canning Bar, is now located in Longmont, Colorado and includes the state of the art brewery, the Tasty Weasel Tap Room and the Homemade Liquids and Solids Restaurant.


Stellar South American wines at Alibi’s Fine Wine and Art Event

Due in part to the success of Alibi’s first wine event, Swirl, Swish and Swallow, which created quite a stir among beer and wine aficionados around the city, many wineries that heard we were planning a second event (Alibi’s Fine Wine and Art Event—April 6, 2012 at Hyatt Regency Downtown) immediately came on board to offer samplings for our charity fundraising gala.

Of course we have a huge assortment of breweries returning such as Oskar Blues—that garnered attention with their Old Chub offering and the immense assortment of free schwag they gave away—as well as Ska, Anderson Valley, New Belgium, Sierra Blanca and New Mexico’s own Marble, La Cumbre and Blue Heron breweries.

Among all the products that will be available to sample, some of the most impressive are in the wine lineup offered by TGIC Importers, who won Wine Importer of the Year last year from Wine Enthusiast Magazine (the equivalent of an Oscar in the wine biz). TGIC, which specializes in South American wines, which are quite the rage today, will be offering most of the wines in their portfolio for sampling.

You can taste their fabulous Argentine and Chilean offerings that are among the best in the industry, not only due to the excellence of the wines themselves, but also due to the incredible dollar value these wines present. TGIC’s flagship wines are from Montes Winery out of Chile, and include the fabulous Montes M, Folly, Purple Angel, Alpha and Cherub Rose. Also from Chile, they will sample the lineup from Santa Ema winery, which are all outstanding.

TGIC’s Argentinean wines are stunning, beginning with Achaval Ferrer Winery, which is one of the most exclusive and pricey labels in the industry. For those not in the know, Argentinean wine makers have managed to take grapes such as Malbec and make out-of-this-world juice with a grape that was until recently considered worthless except for blending. Torrontes, a grape used for making super aromatic and refreshing whites, is native to Argentina and considered a gem among experts and will be among the wines TGIC will offer samples of. They also will offer products from wineries such as Pascual Toso, Norton, Kaiken, and Che Gaucho.

If you are a wine aficionado, you are probably aware that these wines are not to be missed and if you are an amateur or dilettante and decide to attend this benefit for Wemagination, you will soon find out that these are all solid wines that you will most likely rank among your favorites.