Alibi V.21 No.52 • Dec 27-Jan 2, 2012



Reel World

Bottom 10 of 2012

Oogieloves, Woody Allen and Adam Sandler unite for the year’s worst stinkers.

Top of the Box

Best/Worst TV of 2012

Which TV shows were and weren’t worth frying our brain cells for in 2012?



Sonic Reducer

This week, we listened to new releases by Unwound, Fort Hobo and Death Convention Singers.


Pro-Gun, Anti-NRA

Why hunters should stand against the nation’s largest firearm association

Ari LeVaux, hunter and firearm owner, sticks it to the National Rifle Association

Battle of the Food Trucks

Dia de los Takos has its day

Gauchito Catering and Dia De Los Takos duke it out to win the hearts and stomachs of Marble patrons and local judges.

Alibi V.21 No.51 • Dec 20-26, 2012

Charitable Cheer

Multimedia artists pool talents to benefit kids

Curator Josh Jones corrals together an array of talent for the charitable "Winter Daze."




Follow the Spirit

The unique challenges of a startup distillery

What started out as two friends trying to prevent homegrown apple juice from spoiling grew into something bigger.


Django Unchained

Italian Western meets blaxploitation revenge in Tarantino’s latest B-movie blow-up

Quentin Tarantino may be America’s greatest pulp film historian. He’s certainly the greatest one actually making movies—as opposed to simply writing guidebooks on obscure cinema. His films are crammed with so many in-jokes, homages and references to previous cult films it would take an NYU grad student a week just to alphabetize them.

Reel World

The KiMo Theater hosts a multi-day Holiday Family Film Festival for kids, parents and other magic-minded muggles.

Ho, Ho, Who

Christmas Day Around the Dial

Get your hands on a cold bottle of egg nog, some brandy and a television remote and turn your brain to mush this Christmas.

Alibi V.21 No.50 • Dec 13-19, 2012


Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren make a bloody good couple in cozy biopic

Iconic British director Alfred Hitchcock gets the biographical movie treatment courtesy of iconic British actor Anthony Hopkins in the appropriately titled Hitchcock.


Shop Local, Even at the Last Minute

The nonshoppers guide to more than 30 stores packed with gift-giving goodness

The Alibi’s last minute gift guide has you covered from candy to sausages and beyond.

Gifty Shops

These shops are a last-minute gifter’s secret weapon with an eclectic selection of items for nearly everyone. They’re the Swiss army knife of butt-saving gifty-ness.

Foodie Shops

The artisan food market has taken over pretty much every kitchen in the country, so we’re willing to bet your holiday list has at least one self-declared foodie on it. These shops make it easy to find gourmet gifts that will surprise even the most devoted food connoisseur. Show your friends and family that you know your kale from your kimchee.


Don’t be fooled: Giving clothes as a present isn’t lame. (As long as we’re not talking white tube socks.) Just be smart about fit or ask for a gift receipt if you aren’t sure, and be sincere. Giving something that made you think of the recipient is guaranteed to be well-received. And you really can’t go wrong with shoes. Promise.


Old gems are always in fashion. Swipe up some steals at these choice shops to make your vintage-loving loved ones rosy-cheeked with delight. Since you’re short on time, ask store staff to point out hidden treasures.

Pet Shops & Boutiques

We adore our pets (and their toys and their cuddle blankets and those little bows for their hair), and we know you have more than a few people on your list who do, too. Stock up on fresh-baked treats for Fido’s stocking, or finally get the kids that fish-filled tank they’ve been bugging you about.

Sports & Outdoors

‘Tis the season to shred (or shed, depending on how much turkey you stuffed down your gullet). Hit up these local stores for the actively active or those who want to kick off the New Year with a bit more get-up.

Toy & Comic Stores

Tooooooys! You can’t go wrong with toys. For anyone of any age, they are foolproof gifts.

Breweries & Wineries

Who doesn’t need a drink to get through the holiday season? Gifts from the city’s ever-growing number of craft breweries and wineries will keep friends and family happily tipsy while sleigh bells ring and jingle. Most of the breweries in town offer some sort of club membership that includes discounts, treats and access to special events. Here are a couple of our favorites.

High Adventure

Don’t just give things—give massive adrenaline rushes. While you can’t exactly wrap up pure, heart-throbbing adventure in a tidy red bow, these Albuquerque businesses offer services and products that will make thrill-seekers squeal with delight. Just because you waited until the last minute doesn’t mean you can’t offer the gift of a lifetime.


Even Drag’s a Drag

The Dolls’ holiday show lacks polish and shine

The Dolls have been making a name for themselves since 1996 with their original material and drag-tastic interpretations. They're purported to be the crème de la crème of the Albuquerque drag scene. So it was a surprise and a disappointment to find their latest offering, Miss Mary Christmas, a bit of a mess.

The Tan Can

This week’s culture shock bring you highlights of some of the city’s best venues, exhibits and shows.


Pancake Fusion

The Mid- and Southwest meet at Roper’s Restaurant

Cowboy diner serves up giant burritos, Santa Fe pancakes and breakfast favorites.

How Many Gadgets Do You Need?

A plea for kitchen efficiency

A reminder to think twice before you buy Mom that ridiculously fancy ice cream scoop or voice-activated coffee-maker.


Rolling Down Central

City explores a new public transit method

More Burqueños than ever are riding the bus and transit planners have their hands full working on how to improve the reliability of public transportation.


The End?

“Doomsday Preppers” on National Geographic

New reality show is like a happy home tour of the weird neighbors you never want to meet. Some have bunkers stocked with canned food, bottled water and the occasional amenity (a big screen TV!). Others merely have a basement full of toilet paper.


The Gracchi Reunite at Garage & Wax

Take part in Burque music history when the original lineup of The Gracchi—including former Alibi Editor in Chief Laura Marrich—reunite at Captain America’s fourth Garage & Wax Night.

Queering Public Spaces

Glitter Dick’s aesthetic causes kerfuffle at UNM

Owing to a homoerotic flyer, sleaze rock outfit Glitter Dick stumble onto free speech issues and GLBTQ representation at UNM.

Sonic Reducer

This week, we listened to new albums by Redd Kross, Acid Baby Jesus and Hell Shovel and Dark Mark.

Otherworldly Good Times

Multidimensional art hypes an all-ages Sunday night gig at The Gasworks featuring Rock Island, Ill. singer / songwriter EmJay and local acts.