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Califone’s Kosmic Living Room

After roots-rock band Red Red Meat disbanded in '97, Chicagoan Tim Rutili started Califone as a solo project; he began releasing calmer, experimental home recordings involving samples, loops and musique concrète elements while—as he described in a 2006 interview—“making little pop songs out of found pieces.” Rutili has a distinctive voice. It's a relaxed, barely affected drawl with just a hint of gravel, and it nestles itself organically into his music’s warm, loping ambience. Califone eventually evolved into a band incorporating all Red Red Meat alums and many other (mostly Chicago-based) musicians. They’re still at it 16 years later, and they've just finished a new album, their first since the soundtrack for Rutili’s 2009 film All My Friends are Funeral Singers. Tomorrow night, Califone visits Burque on a living room tour organized by the Undertow Music Collective, which books intimate, limited-availability tours. Califone starts at 8 p.m., and there's no opening act. Tickets are $20, and they're only available online via and Editor's note: As of 2 p.m., 22 tickets are still available. Location of the show is only available after ticket purchase. Location TBA • Sat Apr 27 • 8 pm • View on Alibi calendar

Gregg Martini

Alibi Picks

Pitch & Ink

Double CD release show • iNK oN pAPER • Luke Carr

Albuquerque is blessed with a twin CD release from some superb Santa Fe musicians at Synchro Studio tonight. iNK oN pAPER is a duo, Carlos Santistevan (bass) and Milton Villarrubia III (drums). Both use electronic manipulation on their instruments—while “dragging rhythm through the mud,” as they aptly describe their sound. The mix of groove and technical skill on display here appeals to both head-nodders and serious music geeks. Their debut release, titled Official Demo, starts off with muscular riffing and proceeds to mutate every pattern evoked throughout the five-track disc, culminating in a spacious, 14-plus minute mindwarp. Luke Carr’s band, Pitch & Bark, is currently on hiatus, but that hasn’t slowed him down. He now performs as a live-looping one-man band and recently recorded a “mini-epic,” titled “Pigrow,” at local/international musician John Dieterich's home, and Dieterich plays on two tracks. It’s a very personal record—at times almost nakedly so. Carr works with a broad palette of moods and modes, from near-whispered poetics to jagged instrumental shifts to full-on rock bursts and back again. Local experimental acts Enemy Tone and Cinik round out the all-ages bill, and admission is $5. Synchro Studios • Fri Feb 22 • 8 pm • $5 • View on Alibi calendar