Alibi V.26 No.27 • July 6-12, 2017

“We the People”

El Centro invokes freedom

Weekly Alibi reached out to El Centro de Igualdad y Derechos on how the immigration policies of an isolationist, nationalist rube, borne on the wings of los federales, may continue to play havoc with local culture, custom and law.


More Equal Than Others

Why we should still be worried about Trump's Religious Liberty order

Though Trump's “religious freedom” executive order doesn't do much, it tells people who can do something to expect his support.


The Forms of Things Unknown

Midsummer city politica, explained

An important municipal election is coming up on Oct. 3 with the mayor’s office and five Council seats up for the taking, as well as a controversial ballot question.


Supreme Court rejects Gold King lawsuit and Aneva Yazzie resigns from Navajo Housing Authority.


Readers write about UNM Press, “Ask a Mexican” and giving Trump a chance.


The Rain, the Sun and the Show

More summer, more concerts, more music

The progenitors of “jet-rock,” a singer-songwriter for heaps of humans, Americana and more are coming to town.


24 Rooms, 24 Worlds

Nativo Lodge hosts artist room open house

Nativo Lodge has invited a host of Native artists from the region to design and bring into existence distinct worlds within each of 24 rooms.


Baby Driver

Edgar Wright takes an eclectic cast on a high-speed joyride with the stereo cranked to 11

Baby Driver isn’t all testosterone-fueled explosions and physics-defying stunts. It’s a gritty, guns-and-bullets character study done with panache, skill and a slice of humor.

Reel World

See Groundhog Day at the Plaza, Made in Native America (a day of screenings and discussions with Native American filmmakers), Pete’s Dragon in the park, and you still Can't Stop The Serenity.

Family Unfriendly

“I’m Sorry” on truTV

In "I'm Sorry" the humor is rude, crude and consistently uncomfortable. Everyone is awful to one another, never missing an opportunity to viciously insult, tear down, gossip about or curse at one another.


Take Me Home, Corrales Road

Bistro Brewery is the place where you belong

Hidden along Old Corrales Road are a few spots for rock-solid casual dining that are downright easy on the wallet—and Corrales Bistro Brewery is a prime example.

Food News

Grove Café & Market wins again, Backpack Buddies Food Drive helps local kids, NHCC opens a new restaurant, Green Jeans businesses get robbed, and Bocadillos and Sahara Middle Eastern Eatery get new locations.


Summer Sessions Watch

Every effort Jeff Sessions makes to block the legalization of cannabis only strengthens the opposition. Why? Because we hate Sessions, and anything he says is bullshit.

Alibi V.26 No.26 • June 29-July 5, 2017

“I’ll Wait in Los Angeles”

The West is the best

Adult Beverage discusses their move to California with “I’m not ashamed to admit that I couldn’t make it in California” Music Editor August March.


Muscle Rehab

Get real about workout recovery

After a workout, it takes up to 48 hours to properly recover from the soreness, and what you do during this period matters.


Our Very Own Methane Cloud

N.M.’s gas and oil industries equal pollution

The methane cloud over New Mexico’s San Juan Basin is the largest area of elevated methane concentration ever measured in the US. With the BLM and EPA having recently suspended the standards to limit the pollution and waste from natural gas mining, it is now up to New Mexico's leaders.


Los Alamos Labs is under investigation and new PED chief calls for more reform.

Odds & Ends

Funny because a reclassification of a past-timestamped event caused a current-timestamped event in someone else’s computer.


The readers write about the need for N.M. to lead the country in immigration reform (including protecting the community from disruption by ICE), making someone else be the artist, holding the keys to our own prisons and clean power.


The Indomitable Minie Gonzalez

The enduring creative power of one irrepressible local photographer

From the time she learned to work a camera to the last day she was able to hold one, Minie Gonzalez was taking photographs.


The Hero

Sam Elliott’s fictional career looks suspiciously like his real one in slow-going indie drama

In The Hero, what aims to be a self-referential, self-deprecating, late-career look back at regret ends up as a frustratingly predictable film with an overqualified, underutilized star standing front-and-center.

Reel World

Submit your film to ¡Cine Magnífico!, take a workshop in storyboards, sip margaritas while watching Hairspray or enjoy Vicky Cristina Barcelona in Spanish.

Fireworks and Food

Independence Day around the dial

Odds are you’ll get your fill of parties and barbecues on Saturday and Sunday, and by the time Tuesday, July 4, rolls around you’ll be sitting at home glued to the idiot box.

Week in Sloth

This week's highlights include an army of lab-created creatures bent on destroying mankind, unleashing pet spiders upon one's tormentors and the creation and expansion of the crack cocaine industry. This confluence is not necessarily intended as inspiration for your next project.


Summer Magic

Consistency and kindness reign at St. Clair

Balance seems to be what St. Clair is good at. Their restaurant is upscale without feeling out-of-bounds when you're dressed down, the staff is knowledgeable about the wine list without sounding snobbish, and the food is refined without the price tag.

Food News

M'tucci's Italian expands into retailing, ABQ not the best place for late night munchies, Santa Fe Spirits and Cacao Santa Fe spoil us rotten, Brixen's finally shows its face, someone keeps smashing up Taqueria Mexico and Kasey's closes because of some sad circumstances.


Memorable Edibles

Canna-candies ain’t so sweet

Rini Grammer treats PTSD-triggered anger by smoking a legendary strain but is disappointed by the taste of cannabis hard candies.

Alibi V.26 No.25 • June 22-28, 2017

We're Off On the Road to Los Lunas

Visiting Minerva in a far-off land

Josh Lee travels to Los Lunas to see if they're ready for the coming data center workers. He finds a mood-boosting strain, a hunger-causing strain and a sleep-inducing one too.


The Writing Life

And the winners of the Pretty in Print writing competition are ...

We asked readers of the Alibi to share their writing and we received a lot of great submissions, but our task was to choose only three winners. Here they are.


Trost is the Most

Multi-instrumentalist rocks new record

August March chats with Heather Trost about her new album, Agistri.


Something Wonderful This Way Comes

Shakespeare on the Plaza stages Macbeth and more

Shakespeare on the Plaza aims to bring the significance of The Bard to Albuquerque at large by making the annual open-air staging of the plays entirely free.

Night in the Woods

Night in the Woods is limitlessly funny, never bogged down by its slew of surprisingly well-crafted mini-games or its heart-wrenching moments of sorrow, embarrassment or the macabre.


Catch the Pizza Bug

Blue Grasshopper has serious pizza and scads of beer

Blue Grasshopper Brewpub on the West Side invented neither beer nor pizza, but does a damn fine job at serving up both to the sweaty Burqueños who crawl into its cool, dark depths.

Food News

Cutbow Coffee Roastology announces opening, Random Acts of Rideshare delivers food to fire evacuees, Tasty Spot app available for download, Cielito Lindo plans on opening a fleet of new locations, La Salita moves to a spot with more parking and Poki Poki announces two new restaurants.


New Budget, More Business

Council meets ahead of summer break

Budget tweaked, Healthy Workforce Initiative's entire text to be on ballot and gas tax removed for space.


Waste drum mislabeled by N.M. lab, lawsuit against PED goes to trial and city installs new bike lanes.

Odds & Ends

Funny because having your dick bit off by a pig and then dying from the resulting infection happens to someone else. Yes, “Funny.”


Cars 3

Sentimental and scenic, trilogy-ending sports flick cruises to the finish line

Cars 3 is no ironclad Pixar classic but it is a well made film that delivers more or less the same sentimental moral as the original and Larry the Cable Guy is hardly in this one at all.

Reel World

See the Navajo Documentary Film Tour, the Annual Feline Film Festival and The LEGO Batman Movie outdoors.

Crash Course

“Blood Drive” on Syfy

With its new trashy-and-proud-of-it action drama “Blood Drive,” Syfy veers into the uncharted realm of grindhouse exploitation.

Week in Sloth

There are monsters in "The Mist" and in "Hotel Transylvania: The Series" but in Okja, who are the real monsters?