Alibi V.28 No.21 • May 23-29, 2019
Joeseph Arnoux

Arts Feature

Planting Seeds

Student artists paint hotel rooms at Nativo Lodge

Through perseverance, lessons about the professional side of the art business and plenty of snacks, two hotel rooms at the Nativo Lodge now bear the distinct mark and creative expression of 15 young artists.
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Jesus with Romans, Good Friday, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Miguel Gandert

Art Magnified

Intimate Public Acts

Miguel Gandert’s Jesus with Romans, Good Friday, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Miguel Gandert’s photograph Jesus with Romans, Good Friday, Santa Fe, New Mexico in the new exhibit Constructed Realities at April Price Projects Gallery offers the viewer a rare opportunity to consider both a perfect photograph and the way photography has changed in recent years.
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Clarke Condé

Found Objects

Concerning Collectors Collecting

Check out Collectors Collect New Mexico II, Singin’ in the Rain, the 24 Hour Photo Project and The Art of Haiku poetry/visual arts pairing.
Image by Clarke Condé


Rio Sonorousness

Songs of Benares: From the River Ganga to the Rio Grande

Enjoy world music fusion from the Dallas-based world music collective Sangeet Millennium Ensemble with guest artists on tour from India.
Image via Pixabay



Cultural Demonstration: Turkey Feather and Rabbit Fur Blanket Weaving by Caroline Lovato

Santo Domingo Pueblo's artist is demostrating this ancient tradition only known by a few living Pueblo people as she shares this dying tradition.