Alibi V.27 No.11 • March 15-21, 2018 
Make America Great

Culture Shock

New Views for Without Reservations

Ricardo Caté's cartoons deck the gallery walls at the IPCC

Santa Domingo Pueblo resident Ricardo Caté created “Without Reservations" to draw the world as he sees it and lend some perspective to non-Native viewers.
A Delicate Ship
Russell Maynor

Theater News

Sea of Love

A Delicate Ship launches at Aux Dog

We've all seen love stories played out on stage before, but not quite so philosophical as A Delicate Ship. We chat with director Sheridan Johnson.

Arts Interview

A Lit Weekend

Book your weekend at the ABQ Antiquarian Book Fair

For those of us who still thrill to turn the pages of a book or explore the faded terrain of old maps, the Albuquerque Antiquarian Book Fair—an annual exchange of antique and rare books, maps and other ephemera—is taking place once again.
Image via Pixabay


Well, Bless Your Heart

The Glitter Girls

Steel Magnolias meets "Survivor" in this coy and colorful comedy.
Courtesy of artist


The Rough Diamond of Chamber Music

Jennifer Koh and Shai Wosner

Jennifer Koh and Shai Wosner play chamber music live.
Image via Pixabay


Crop It Like It's Hot

TedxABQ 2018 Design Salon

Explore the topic of design with six New Mexicans shaping the world around us.
Courtesy of artist


More, Guitars, More Controllers

Adrian Legg

Award-winning and masterful guitarist, Adrian Legg plays live.