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Patty Allread  [ Thu Mar 31 2011 8:01 PM ]

Perhaps Patty would like to tell us about the time she spent working with Rex Fowler - Scientology Minister and OTVII - recently convicted of murder after defrauding his company of $250,000+ to "donate" to his "church"?

Somhow, I doubt it.

As for the New Yorker article - its brilliant. It points out, as per Tommy Davis' own admission, that L Ron Hubbard never suffered any injuries as the result of action in WWII simply because L Ron Hubbard *never* saw any action. Accordingly, L Ron Hubbard's claims to have created Dianetics to cure said injuries is a lie. The documents have been on the internet for 20 years now, the New Yorker fact-checked them. But, hey, unlike a Scientologist, I can tell you this: don't believe me, check it out for yourself.

Best if you do that BEFORE you go into one of the cult's empty Ideal Orgs (aka Idle Morgues). But, hey, if you want to get into Scientology, go for your life. We'll see you back here when the cult has taken all your money with its Exchange policy, scrambled your mind with its Xenu story, destroyed your family with its disconnection policy, and attempted to ruin you with its Fair Game policy.

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