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WTF is a matter with some of you people?  [ Thu Jan 6 2011 10:45 PM ]

Illegals should not be in the U.S. because of that one fact! They are illegal! So basically what I'm getting at is that if you are illegal then you are a criminal. You should not be in this country, if you jump the border then you should be sent back to your homeland. So that little statement about him not having a criminal history is a lie, for he is ILLEGAL! That means he is commiting a crime. So to those of you who believe he was wrongfully arrested your all but a fool. On another note, he lied to the freaking police so that in itself is a crime. I know what the problem is, some of you people, not all of you, but some of you must have room temperature IQ's, so you have nothing better to do then post false information on the net. Seriously, do some research on the subject before you speak your opinion. Remember this, information without conformation is meaningless.

Thank you, and have a nice day.

Hail Satan! ;-)

"RAVE Busts" What's this place turning into?  [ Thu Jan 6 2011 8:57 PM ]

This makes me mad, the fact that the Authority's always seem to show up just in time to break up something like a rave or a party. It's people having fun, so what is wrong with that? I mean the owner of KGB decided to shut down the club for no good reason. So now there is basically no Goth scene, and pretty much nothing to do in this city as well. This is just another example of Government control. I remember reading something awhile back that says "For the People By the People." Kind of makes you think doesn't it? Think why is this happening? We are turning into a country that is being run completely by the government. I don't agree with what is happening at the moment, and I think it needs to stop. The police in this city are starting to care more about students getting drunk, then going after people that have a flesh eating virus. What I mean by that is there is a local homeless man who is wandering the university area who infact has that perticular illness. They don't want to take him in because they are afraid that he will contaminate the jail. He continues to commit crimes in this area, yet nothing is done about the situation. Call the CDC, and let them deal with it. It is putting alot of people in danger, and yet they do nothing about it.

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