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No Bosque Walmart  [ Tue Aug 21 2012 11:19 AM ]

Thank you for writing on such an important issue for our city, Jessica.

"This distinctly New Mexican greenbelt is one of Albuquerque's greatest assets, and the spaces around it should be planned intelligently. Building what might be the most generic, placeless thing in America right next to it is certifiably stupid."

The plan for this Walmart is a disastrous one that our city officials hopefully steer clear of.

As you say, this is akin to putting a big-box store in the middle of Golden Gate Park or Rock Creek Park. The Bosque is a precious sanctuary for many of us and must be protected. Not to mention all the local small shops in the area that will be pushed out of business.

Bravo!  [ Sat Oct 29 2011 8:25 AM ]

I congratulate you, Andrew, and all the other brave souls that continue this important struggle to assert our basic constitutional rights. Fight on!

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