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City must enforce zoning agaist Walmart  [ Tue Jan 15 2013 1:54 PM ]

Daniel Shaw makes the case against siding with Walmart crystal clear.

It all comes down to Land use and zoning.

A Walmart does not belong on this corner.Any Big Box does not belong on this corner.

And it is incomprehendable that this fight is still going on, Walmart should have been denied the first time around.

Every resident of Albuquerque and Bernillio County should be demanding that all zoning be enforced.

Because if Walmart wins this, there will be no stopping them in any neighborhood.

Any Big Box is Wrong on this Corner  [ Thu Sep 13 2012 1:25 PM ]

And Walgreens, CVS and Albertsons are "businesses which provide jobs and contribute to the local economy" but at WalMart you draw the line?quote] Walgreens, Albertsons and CVS Do Not abutt the Bosque. Walmart will be right up against the Open space. As for JOBS If any Big Box Store such as Walmart, Target, or Kmart comes in, smaller local businesses will be squeezed out and only Walgreens, Albertsons and CVS will stay viable. This Walmart is not a large Super Walmart, estimated jobs 175-200 mostly minimum wage, how many neighborhood residents in this area are actually going to go to work at Walmart. The area is middle class to upper middle class. And contribute to the local economy? After driving about 15 small businesses out of business, By the way what happens to those employees - oh yeah, they have to go to work at Walmart, just shifting about 75 jobs from local businesses to the Big Box. AND Walmart by a loophole that has yet to be closed Does Not Pay Corporate taxes to NM, but some of those local businesses pay corporate taxes. Walmart, Target, Kmart or Any Big Box on this corner is totally irresponsible.

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