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Another Word of Caution  [ Tue Nov 18 2008 9:47 AM ]

Make sure you actually have the ability to successfully rinse the water to the other side. I once had a similar cold so I used a neti pot to help. My sinus were so thick the water could barely trickle through, it got trapped and became a WICKED sinus infection that required an urgent care visit, a round of antibiotics (boooooooo) and pain killers (yaaaayy).

You actually don't understand at all.  [ Fri Nov 7 2008 9:07 AM ]

I understand the GLBT arguement - saying that marriage is only for straight couples creates a second class of citizen even when civil unions are allowed. The gay couples are perceived as "less than." Personally, I wouldn't care at all about the terminology if I was gay. "Seperate but equal" would work just fine - equal is equal. Why get hung up on semantics? And I do believe that marriage between a man and a woman is different because they can produce their own offspring.

Politics is all about semantics Abbacaab. It's about what you say, how you say it and even what words you choose to say. You're right about marriage - performed in a church, by a priest, under a graven image of your lord jesus christ - is between a man and a woman. From a political perspective, remove the secular overtures and you have a civil union AKA common law marriage.

Oh and believe me when I say that all GLBT can have children, That has everything to do with biology and NOTHING at all to do with marriage.

It will never change  [ Wed Nov 5 2008 11:58 AM ]

Until we get the political leaders of the Gay Community to STOP using something as divisive as a term as Gay Marriage, and we start using facts and logic to sway the opinions of people who listened to Jeff Flint, Strategist for the Prop 8 Campaign who says:

"I think the voters were thinking, well, if it makes them happy, why shouldn't we let gay couples get married. And I think we made them realize that there are broader implications to society and particularly the children when you make that fundamental change that's at the core of how society is organized, which is marriage," Jeff Flint said.

Then, maybe then, will people begin to actually hear the bullshit rhetoric spewed by the Christian Right. If breeders want to have their weddings and marriages, let 'em! From a state - removed from the church - perspective those "married" people entered into nothing more than a civil union but did so in a church.

What I don't think the GLBT Community realizes is that the Church will never submit to our request for equality. Not now, not in the near future and probably not EVER. We don't want them shoving their hatred and lies down our throats why would we try to do the same to them with our own agenda?

When we GLBT people wake up from the delusion that Marriage = Civil Rights and actually start working again on obtaining the socio-economic benefits taken for granted by all married people and generally denied to all gay couples with out trying to redefine "MARRIAGE" then we might get Civil Unions approved.

Last edited [11/5/08 12:16 PM]
No Hostility Intended  [ Fri May 9 2008 2:35 PM ]

Thats the nature of the Net eh Mellymel. People try to read into or sense how a post "sounds" rather than just read it.

For the sake of the threads continuity, I've never had an issue at MG's. But I'm not one to sit around and have more than one or two drinks in any one place. After 12 years in the F & B biz myself 1. I'm no longer a drinker and 2. I've always thought I was being courteous to a Bartender because I wasn't threatening their server's or liquor license by giving them cause to have to watch how many drinks I've had, determine my level of sobriety and have to bounce me out or pay for my cab ride home.

Secondly, I hijacked your post (hence the title HIJACK!!!), which is similar to what you did by bringing up Self Serve while referencing the post about Castle bookstore, because I think it's bad netiquette to drop a bomb like cancerous dildos in a thread about Martini Grille with out at least providing some explanation that may or may not be as lengthy as your well informed post about liquor laws in NM.

I have no idea nor a way to prove how you know what you know but I do know that posting things like cancer causing dildos without and explanation can lead to fear. And as Yoda says: " Fear is the path to the Dark Side. Fear leads to anger, Anger leads to Hatred and Hatred leads to Suffering.

HIJACK!!!  [ Thu May 8 2008 10:27 PM ]

Ms Mellymel with the smellysmell sex toys from Self Serve. It's really bad to drop a bomb like cancer causing sex toys with out another incredibly informed and lengthy post explaining what you know or have gleaned off the internet.

How do you know your silicone or non-phthalate (phthalates are the gaseous smells from plastic most commonly found in our shower curtains) thermoplastic elastomer sex toys WON'T cause cancer? There's no science behind it because our Government doesn't regulate "novelties" as opposed to medical devices until people start getting sick or dying.

Does anyone remember what happened when women were putting silicone in their boobies? It wasn't until the bag burst that anyone figured out that silicone was bad. Now here we are lubing up with it labeled as dimethicone and slipping it over and some times into our pleasure zones.

Where's the science that silicone or thermoplastic elastomers won't cause cancer? Here watch this for more info: [link]

or read this: [link]

Rather, make sure to beware of talcum powder which has been proven to cause ovarian cancer.

So far in my experience, Self Serve's staff is apparently nicer to those shopping for a phallus than to those already equipped with one.

Makes Me Appreciate Mom More  [ Wed Mar 12 2008 3:27 PM ]

She grew up on a subsistance farm in Southern NM with her 7 other brothers and sisters and parents. For the most part they raised their own veggies, proteins and fruits. 1 Cow, 1 pig, many chicken, dogs and geese for protection. They grew beans, chiles, squash, corn, wheat, cabbage, garlic, onions, honey and more. On the land were old world fruits like, figs, quince, apples and grapes. They had pecan, peach, pear and cherry trees. What wasn't immediately given up by their land came from the local grocery. As ideal as it sounds though, they worked hard for their food. I think if I weaned my self off of the grid gradually I could do just as well, who knows. Mom passed along a lot of her knowledge to me but I think the question now is how much convenience are we (am I) willing to give up?

Interesting that this Thread Should Reappear in the Side Bar  [ Fri Oct 12 2007 9:17 AM ]

Oh believe me, I CAN DEMAND A LOT MORE! I can demand more effort to use more than the big black money hole that is RESEARCH. I may not work in science but I do work in health care and I don't have to look through a microscope to see that there are possibilities that exist with out wasting years and money on chemicalising botanical substances that potentially do more harm than good.

Take, for instance,


What do you think those 45 people who contracted HIV during an HIV vaccine trial were told after they tested positive? OOPS? Scientists can research all they want, but what is someone supposed to do in America NOW?! What do you propose to tell someone who just tested positive NOW? Sit it out and wait until we can find something that might work next time? We are working on more research? More Trials?

I'll take a quote from the article I listed above just to prove the point that this isn't about a cure any more.

"Analyst Steve Brozak of WBB Securities said the vaccine was considered the most promising candidate both by Wall Street and the science community. He said a vaccine is the only financially feasible way to fight the AIDS epidemic in poor countries and that the company that comes up with the first successful shot would have "a license to print money."

You say it your self Yiska, "Across the country, laboratories studying HIV (not AIDS, but the virus itself) are some of the very best funded."

The very best funded for what? It's been demonstrated that in the last 17 years, vaccines, though effective in the short term, are not as effective in the long term. What's worse, is once a vaccine is found all study to find a cure stops. Tuberculosis is the perfect example of this.

And why do you suppose that "western" doctors and scientists do not study Chinese medicine, Acupuncture or Herbal medicine very much?

Believe me it was a surprise to find out the University of Miami came up with this study: [link]

The dosage they are talking about in this article is the equivalent of 2-3 brazil nuts a day. That article is on the BBC News Online, did you hear about it in American mainstream media? Don't you wonder why?

Let's Be Very Clear  [ Fri Jun 15 2007 1:09 PM ]

AIDS is not a disease that comes from JUST HIV. AIDS can be caused by Chemo Therapy, it can be caused by Diabetes, it can be caused by many possible things; not just virus. Acquired Immune Disease Syndrome is a process where the immune system shuts down due to prolonged attacks on itself or suppression from medications. It can happen to someone with Rheumatoid Arthritis, it's just that nobody calls it AIDS when it happens to someone who doesn't have HIV.

A very good friend of mine just recently sero-converted (became HIV positive) and he's been told every time he's gone to the doctor (17 times since his diagnosis this past January) that a lot is being done in terms of research, but how does research help the virus in his body now? His t-cell count is down to 212 and his viral load (which has recently been determined a bogus test) is over 200,000/dl. He's losing hope, he's losing the desire to live because he doesn't see a future for himself any longer.

I've lost many, too many, good friends to HIV or what ever it is that has killed them and millions of others and they always heard that in 5 years there was going to be a new pill, in 10 years they were going to be testing the newest possibility. TONS TONS TONS of research is not good enough any more. I applaud your optimism and educational information I just find it difficult to believe in it.

Just Say What The Fuck!!!  [ Fri Jun 8 2007 10:26 AM ]

How can you be baffled?!

Gay People are STILL discriminated against because we had people like Jerry Falwell (may he burn in HELL), Rick "I Don't Wanna be a Moonie but I'll Take Their Money" Santorum and other "For the Love of Jesus - Christians" spewing hate and not being held accountable for it.

Richardson probably just lost his presidential bid because he's the only one to stand out and say he supports Civil Unions, Hate Crimes Legislation and Domestic Partner Benefits. Our own idiot of a President doesn't support hate crimes legislation, domestic partner benefits or AIDS research funding because he's too busy promoting hatred and war.

There isn't a Cure for HIV because it's a billons of $$$ industry. No one is looking for a cure anymore! Only the next drug that will cost hundreds to thousands of dollars per dose; that poisons the liver and burns the kidneys and contributes to sayings like "He/She died of AIDS Related Illnesses" instead of "He/She died of pharmaceutical poisoining."

Why are you baffled that nobody (not even countries) can stand up to the Pharmaceutical Companies. NOT EVEN THE AIDS DISSIDENTS who usually cave and take the meds when they get sick can stand up to the Pharm Cos.

I'm not really one to quote bumper stickers but this one really seems to fit, "If you are not Outraged then you are not paying attention!" It's time to revive ACT/UP and begin demanding more from our medical community. And that includes UBS!

I knew her when...  [ Wed Aug 8 2007 12:40 PM ]

I actually met the woman when I worked at Ten Thousand Waves many years ago, shared a hot tub with her. She was very intelligent - to the point of intellectual; informed and damned witty. She reminded me of an ol' Alibi Alumni (he used to LOVE Courtney too, or so he told me!).

The funnyest thing anyone has said about Courtney Love lately was Kathy Griffin. She was talking about Courtney being at Whitney Houston's intervention. She said, "You have to be really hitting the pipe hard in order for Courtney Love to be at your intervention."

See the vid here: [link]

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