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Crappuccinos  [ Fri Mar 30 2012 10:43 AM ]

Wouldn't Strawberry Creme Frappuccinos (creme being the operative word here) have dairy in them anyway? Therefore making them off limits to vegans? Just sayin'.

The story came off as an afterthought.  [ Mon Jan 30 2012 10:41 AM ]

Yes, deadlines, blah blah. This story needed a proper write up and it seems like the article could have waited until that was able to happen. And sorry, but the vinyl talk was unnecessary and came across as pretentious. A little more self-reflection and a little less defensiveness would be nice from Ms. Cassyle Carr.

Last edited [1/30/12 10:42 AM]
Some things just will never die...  [ Wed Aug 10 2011 10:01 PM ] Claus' tired old menu. He hasn't had an original food idea since the early 90's.

These are already here  [ Fri Jul 8 2011 2:09 PM ]

Haven't you ever been to Taco Tote on a Sunday afternoon?

Cynical Idiots?  [ Tue May 3 2011 12:34 PM ]

Pot calls kettle black, Stacks. You lost us at Charlie Sheen.

Charlie Sheen???  [ Mon May 2 2011 11:53 AM ]

Really Stacks?

I was surprised  [ Sat Apr 9 2011 11:39 AM ]

that I liked The Terror as much as I did. It might have been situational though. I started reading it when I spent a few days stuck in a ski town. I don't like skiing or snow for that matter. I also had torticollis (a horrible crick in my neck) which made it pretty difficult to do anything other than lay in bed and read. The book mimicked my own situation....freezing my ass off, miserable and immobile. I read Song of Kali too and agree that it was "creepy and feel-bad". I'll check out Summer of Night for sure. It sounds kind of similar to Stephen King's It, which I loved years ago.

Dan Simmons  [ Fri Apr 8 2011 10:16 AM ]

I've always had a thing for A Tale of Two Cities myself. The Terror by Simmons was great...historical fiction plus an abominable snowman! How can you go wrong? I've been interested in Drood, but haven't been able to commit to a thousand pager these days.

I like weird bird photos but.......  [ Wed Dec 15 2010 1:25 PM ]

I don't get what is weird about this photo. Yawn.

I vote Ferruginous Hawk  [ Wed Dec 1 2010 11:40 AM ]

Could be a young one due to its size.

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