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Raddest dance video ...  [ Tue Jul 31 2012 2:40 PM ]

since Robyn's "Call Your Girlfriend." Going home now to practice these moves.

Also, I really thought he said "open-condom style" the first time around.

"threatened to kill him on precious occasions"  [ Tue Jun 5 2012 11:50 AM ]

If you check out the weatherman story, that's what the assailant is described as doing. So I'm guessing what's meant is that crossbow-guy went after the weatherman on Valentine's Day, date night and at a baby shower.

On further review, the "c" key is right next to the "v" key ...

Photo credit clarified  [ Thu Apr 26 2012 2:54 PM ]

Thanks for the info, general

Yeah, it's "pop"  [ Wed Feb 8 2012 11:31 AM ]

in Chicago. But what I enjoy about the Southwest/Southern nomenclature is that it puts all differently flavored brands of pop (or soda) under the umbrella of one specific name brand beverage. Great map, btw.

My favorite line ...  [ Tue Feb 7 2012 8:18 PM ]

"You want a coke?"

Thanks for the heads up rain fire ....  [ Thu Feb 2 2012 8:27 PM ]

I do have it in words from Velvet Barbie that "Cosmic Barbie is the current Barbie." I was aware that there was a replacement, but after multiple discussions, I tried to clarify these facts as well as I could, and what I hear from Danielle as of Jan. 31 is that Cosmic Barbie is still part of the group. If that is wrong, I apologize and will make note online. Thanks for your input.

Decoding police speak  [ Fri Dec 2 2011 10:41 AM ]

When Ray Schultz says he likes the new design because it look more like a law enforcement vehicle and that it takes "technology to the next level," what he means is "Hell yeah, I'll trade in my taxi for the Batmobile!"

Missing out on ZZ Top was a mistake, but ...  [ Fri Oct 28 2011 7:13 PM ]

you can't put beer in a flask.

Bros vs. Hipsters  [ Fri Oct 14 2011 10:45 PM ]

A friend in Chicago who 's one of my favorite writers weighed in on the subject recently. OK, it's a little off topic, but hilarious nonetheless:


It's unclear at the moment, but ...  [ Fri Oct 28 2011 12:10 PM ]

Council spokesperson Dane Lauratzen told the Alibi that "There's a very good chance that any fines already in the system will still go through the system." I'm waiting to hear back from one of his colleagues. In the meantime, below is a link to the ordinance that's going in front of Council on Monday. Click on O-74.pdf once you get to the page. Note that even if red light cameras are revoked, the contract could still hold for 60 days.


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