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I say- Good Riddance!  [ Sat Oct 3 2009 10:23 AM ]

To make this short: Why-if David Cross isn't with the progressive, liberal views expressed in the Alibi, would he waste 17 years of his life reading it?! Read the Albuquerque Journal instead, Mr. Cross-that Fox News in print version should suit you just fine.

As for his statement that he "...spent a year in Vietnam to to defend your right to publish such drivel...", I have a problem with such a statement. Namely, the Vietnam War did not secure our right as Americans to engage in free speech. I would have to say that during the time Americans fought in Vietnam, our free speech suffered greatly-through Cointelpro, police beatings of protesters, shootings like Kent State, etc etc.

Americans traveled the 8 thousand miles plus to help the French prop up a colonial government, not defend against a Vietnamese army attacking us.

It sounds like Mr. Cross' wife is much more open-minded, and most likely his better half.

Michael Garcia

Your title fits you perfectly!  [ Fri Oct 31 2008 8:51 PM ]

Mr. Brown-it is so nice that you think the scenery, culture, and museums are nice here in NM. But, wait! You don't like the viewpoints expressed by the citizens here in NM? You obviously don't like the fact that Barack Obama is very popular here in NM, and that people here are talking, and writing about Obama in a positive way, while not speaking of Mr. Obama's opposition in a positive way. Hmmm. Sounds like you don't like people speaking their minds about issues unless you agree with them. I mean, can you honestly tell me that people in Atlanta Georgia who support the McCain ticket are not vocal about it and tell others that they are voting for McCain, and that they feel that Obama's not a good choice, etc? Please! If you would like to come to NM to visit, please do so. But Mr. Brown,please don't come over here, then complain about citizens enjoying their 1st Amendment rights with viewpoints you don't agree with, and then slur these people with a rotten jibe.

At the end of your letter I do think that you gave yourself a very apt name: "dumb-ass redneck."

Michael Garcia

Ironic, isn't it?  [ Thu Apr 24 2008 7:41 PM ]

Kent Ponder's recent letter decrying Ben Radford's discussion of our Mayor's proposal for library police really made me think... and think...and think! What the heck was his point?! Was he for the Mayor's proposal? No, he didn't seem to be. Was he just pointing out inaccuracies? Well, no, 'cause there really were none to point out-he just said the same things Radford did-but using different avenues to get there. Ponder mentions that he almost never points out illogic in letters and opinion pieces. Maybe he should have thought this out more carefully, since his letter was a prime example of illogic he says he feels compelled to point out.

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