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Thank you for highlighting First Choice  [ Thu Mar 22 2012 6:38 PM ]

Thank you for pointing out the merits of a system that is adopting the medical home model. First Choice recognizes that patients want to have their medical and dental needs met in a holistic manner. Continuity is key to the success of a person's health. Knowing one's provider and establishing a trusting relationship is so important. With the challenges of rising healthcare costs, bravo to First Choice for really serving the community!

Cuidando Los Ninos article  [ Wed Jun 29 2011 10:28 PM ]

Thank you Ms. Doyle for your efforts in discussing the issue of homeless children in this state. It is not an easy topic to filter down to a few hundred words but I think you did an amazing job. Families who are homeless are certainly faceless and nameless to many. However as you stated correctly, the "face" of homelessness is no longer majority men, it has dramatically shifted to women and children. Kudos for Cuidando Los Ninos to tackle this and do so successfully. We shall see the measure of our society's worth by supporting such organizations. Great job!

Quick question for you: You stated that Cuidando Los Ninos offers a multitude of services. Do they also tackle the issue of mental health services for the mothers and children?

Consider the greater context of this sad tragedy at hand...  [ Thu Jun 2 2011 6:50 PM ]

Unfortunately, I must say that the closing of this much needed program is only a reflection of the greater political juggernaut at hand. Since April, the plan to cut Medicare and Medicaid in order to deal with the huge deficit at hand is still much debated but also frighteningly possible. Let's not even consider one's political affiliation but consider the sad prospect of a country that is even willing to toy with the idea of cutting funding to much needed programs. The current argument is cutting frivolous spending in certain Medicare/Medicaid programs. However, Ms. Doyle pointed out an important aspect. It is difficult to measure outcome measures on programs that provide primary and secondary prevention. How does a program prove its relevance when it is intended to improve the quality of life of children born to substance abusing mothers? Who is willing to pay for a prospective longitudinal study of the effects of such programs on youth at risk? How dose such a program prove that its interventions helped a woman win the battle of addiction? Many could argue that there are multiple confounding variables and have reason to cut these programs. It is a sad day indeed when we find more reason to cut these programs, but no reason is needed to continue to wage war. Our society values who wins in Dancing with the Stars more than finding ways to develop collective efforts in helping families be healthy and productive. Sad indeed...

Pasty sunscreen and summer sunshine  [ Sat Apr 9 2011 10:37 AM ]

Well Ms. Doyle,

I am torn about sunscreen's safety and efficacy. As you pointed out, some of the chemicals in sunscreen are worrisome. I really like the Environmental Working Group's classification of sunscreens. If anyone gets a chance to check it out, it also covers shampoos, soaps, makeup, you name it. Very little sunscreen qualifies as really safe except the very pasty white sunscreens that never seem to absorb into the skin: Alba Botanica, All terrain, Blue Lizard, Badger. I have tried these sunscreens and they are great, but take quite awhile to absorb.

Caballoblanco makes a good point about Vitamin D however I disagree with him that Vitamin D is the most valuable vitamin for prevention of cancers. The jury is still out on the hype about Vitamin D. Many studies conflict with each other and even experts cannot agree on the replacement doses of Votamin D. And what is easier than taking Vitamin D and using sunscreen? Plus, the best way to avoid cancers is don't smoke, drink, keep a normal BMI, exercise, and reduce stress.

My recipe is wear that pasty sunscreen, go enjoy the lovely sunshine, take your Vitamin D, and stay healthy!

Crankytype2's cranky comments  [ Tue Nov 9 2010 1:56 PM ]

Interesting comment from a cranky Diabetic....Bravo to Ms. Doyle for her excellent fact-based retort on this disease. Although there is a genetic component to the disease it DOES NOT completely dictate if one will have Diabetes. The problem is that lifestyles have made it much easier for Diabetes to manifest itself in a genetically susceptible person. If it were soley genetics, then why have the rates gone up and are expected to triple by 2050?? Why are children now having hypertension and DiabetesType 2 at younger ages?

Another gruesome fact about DM...  [ Wed Nov 3 2010 9:16 PM ]

Not to be outdone, I think one other method to wake the masses is to tell about the little known fact of impotence among men with uncontrolled Diabetes...

But I agree, takes more than just telling people to exercise and diet. Much of our society does not value health promotion. Wouldn't it be nice if P.E. were back in schools? The increase in Diabetes in children is devastating. Wouldn't it be nice if people had to take an additional break to do Tai Chi or walk off their daily stress? How much money we could save and how much happier a society we could be with such little things...

Pregnant women, the flu shot, and the amygdala telling you lies!  [ Fri Sep 24 2010 5:57 PM ]

Don't forget our pregnant women who DEFINITELY need the flu shot! This year's vaccine will have 3 strains: the H1N1, the H3N2 and influenza B.

And another thing, do not, I REPEAT, DO NOT let your amygdala scare you into thinking the flu shot makes you sick! The injectable flu shot is inactivated meaning the viruses are not able to make you sick. Because of this, the flu shot is recommended for those 6 mo. and older especially those people with chronic conditions.

The intranasal flu vaccine is a little different. The CDC states: "The nasal-spray flu vaccine —a vaccine made with live, weakened flu viruses that do not cause the flu (sometimes called LAIV for "live attenuated influenza vaccine" or FluMist®). LAIV (FluMist®) is approved for use in healthy* people 2-49 years of age who are NOT pregnant".

Saliva- cheap lubricant  [ Mon Sep 20 2010 1:38 PM ]

Another great thing about saliva- great lubrication during sex and much cheaper than KY warming jelly in cherry flavor...

Ambien and sleep  [ Mon Sep 13 2010 6:59 PM ]

Just want to reinforce the crazy effects of ambien. I took ambien for insomnia as well and had hallucinations. Crazy thing is I thought I was dreaming and was in a strange state of half sleep and wakefullness. In fact I scare my husbnad so bad, he decided to drive me to the ER and finally after 2 hrs of active hallucinating I must have fallen asleep in the car. He took me home and in the morning I woke up to a lecture about never taking ambien again. Now I try other things such as melatonin. Be careful with sleep aids is the take home point of this message.

Cajones and more cajones!!  [ Thu Aug 12 2010 1:11 AM ]

Shall I daresay that Miss Dx seems especially enamored with the male species as of late? I have read the fascinating journalism on men's health and testosterone and NOW on men's testicles! Lovely work yet again. I look forward to reading more on men's health!

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