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Maybe the pedestrian was trying to catch the bus  [ Tue Dec 17 2013 3:20 PM ]

That's what one pedestrian was doing this morning as she darted onto the street from behind a parked car, and got caught like a deer in headlights right in front of my moving vehicle. She really needed to catch the bus.

Argh! Shoulda checked the blog before I left  [ Tue Nov 6 2012 6:07 PM ]

I'm at Jefferson Middle School right now. Lesson learned. XD

This may be  [ Fri Jul 29 2011 2:53 PM ]

the beginning of the zombie apocalypse.

Lol. Never mind.  [ Fri May 20 2011 6:11 PM ]

I should have gone down the list of today's Daily Word topics before commenting. My bad.

Why May 21st?  [ Fri May 20 2011 5:33 PM ]

Not that it makes a difference for me any way. I mean I just found out today that the apocalypse is happening tomorrow. Needless to say I haven't made any preparations for it, and I probably don't have enough money in my savings account to buy my redemption through tipping. I'm just curious. What are the signs that point to May 21st?

Keep the Change  [ Fri May 20 2011 5:41 PM ]

From the man who brought us Waiter Rant. Contains more than you wanted to know about tipping and is down right hilarious.

Gina Carano  [ Mon Apr 11 2011 3:32 PM ]

She just moved to Albuquerque to train at Jackson's. So I think the answer is yes.

Copper Canyon article  [ Tue Mar 29 2011 3:27 PM ]

Who wrote it?

"Miller than tried to re-enter the store and punched Rallis in the face. After Rallis managed to defend himself, Miller retreated and begin throwing several baseball-sized rocks at the man."

"Than" rather than "then." "Begin" rather than "began."

Any way, Copper Canyon has good muffins. They are a bit pricey though.

I don't think Tom "knows it."  [ Fri Mar 18 2011 4:07 PM ]

He better "go learn it."

After watching that video, I'm not sure Scientologists are the authorities on anything other than acronyms.

That was hilarious. Thanks MMJ.

It's funny  [ Wed Mar 9 2011 2:11 PM ]

because you'll never run out of these.

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