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The thing that kills me...  [ Sat Dec 20 2008 8:54 PM ]

is people like him (or my father-in-law) saying that for thousands of years (Rick is saying "5000", the creationism creeping in there nicely), marriage in every religion has been between a man and a woman & there's your proof of why we should keep it that way.

That kind of "it's how we've always done it, so we should keep doing it that way" thinking would still have us, among other things, hip deep in slavery, women would be the property of their fathers or husbands, and on the weekends we'd all go to the Colosseum and watch a few Christians get fed to the lions.

Now......I like a good sporting event as much as the next guy, but if I can find it in my heart to give up my weekend entertainment, the religious right can certainly afford to drop some of this cultural inertia bullshit around gay marriage.

Can wait  [ Tue Oct 28 2008 2:50 PM ]

I'm going to wait a bit - I want to try it before I get it. I really did like Fallout 1 (beat it), was so-so on Fallout 2 (quest log was for shit and I had to stop).

I hear people are saying there's still Oblivion (360) style pop-in, which annoyed the shit out of me. The frame-rate in Oblivion (360) sucked as well & bothered me. If I do get it, I think I'm going to go PC.

I'm also a little unsure about death animations - a cool part of 1. Sometimes you'd get a critical shot off that would take out a whole section(s) of body, just leave the legs, etc. In early stuff I saw of 3, critical kills made the bodies fly apart like cartoonish mannequins - looked silly. Crossing my fingers it's still not like that.

That said, I hear the story is terrific - I just don't want the interface getting in the way.

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oof  [ Fri May 23 2008 10:37 AM ]

Vicar, yeah....I knew that ;(

I like:   [ Thu May 22 2008 4:45 PM ]

Bishop in a tutu

Back to the old house

William, it was really nothing

How soon is now

Still ill

I could never get into Strangeways or anything after, no matter how hard I tried, but the old stuff pretty much filled my needs for the last 2 years of high-school, especially Hatful of Hollow. I was so bummed when they split (arg - right before a scheduled tourstop near me) & let everyone know. My friends joked at me for years after - "hey - did you know the Smiths broke up?" Haw, haw.

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