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LMFAO  [ Wed Aug 1 2012 7:54 AM ]

No really, it's like he's the Korean version of LMFAO. Perhaps that's a late-to-the-party observation, but putting out there anyway. Cool video.

Thrice the Fat of an Original WalMart  [ Tue Jul 17 2012 10:53 PM ]

C'mon City Council! This is a no-brainer. This location is an ecologically significant and sensitive environmental zone which should remain off limits to further commercial or residential development. In addition to the implications listed above (traffic, crime, aesthetic calamity), a WalMart would be a redundant entity due to the proximity of a large supermarket (Albertson's) two drug/pharmacy stores (Walgreen's AND CVS), and locally-owned food/meat purveyor Keller's Farm Store. The proposed WalMart would pose a threat to the continued successful operation of those businesses which provide jobs and contribute to the local economy. It would also be the THIRD WALMART within an 8 MILE RADIUS, with the nearest WalMart location only 2 miles away (Coors & I-40). This proposition is beyond ludicrous and exemplifies the greed of a corporation that has America by the nose hairs.

PUT IT!! We better hairry so we can find a parking.  [ Tue Mar 6 2012 6:09 PM ]

I moved to Melbourne, Australia last month, but I am an Albuquerque native...John Adams MS, Valley HS, the whole bit. I introduced "Lynette" to my Aussie housemate and now we walk around the house saying "eeeee" and, "Sandraaaa, scary clown it!!!" (P.s. she does a pretty good moch!) WE LOVE YOU LYNETTE!!

In addition...  [ Wed Jan 11 2012 11:04 PM ]

If this Wal Mart is constructed it will be the third "Supercenter" within an eight mile radius. Directly across the street from the proposed construction site is a Keller's meat market (a locally-owned food store), Albertson's, Walgreens, and CVS. The site is also ecologically sensitive. This is the bosque we're talking about razing and paving. And all the while there are neighborhoods in ABQ in desperate need of a substantial food market. The westside does not need another Wal Mart. (Nobody needs another Wal Mart.)

Last edited [1/11/12 11:05 PM]
Slow Death  [ Wed Dec 7 2011 4:35 PM ]

I pass this dealership daily since I ride the Blue Line and it was immediately clear they were attempting to modernize the façade once construction began. On one hand I understand their mentality: I imagine sales are in the toilet (just take a look at the rest of that particular stretch of Lomas), and they're grasping at straws to revitalize their image since GM/Chevy is making hunks of junk. But on the other hand, there is something incredibly unique and testimonial to the heyday of American automobile culture--the 60s "Tomorrowland" aesthetic--that this building represents. It's a shame they're trying to sweep it under the rug.

I LOVE this place so much  [ Thu Dec 1 2011 1:40 PM ]

When I was working in Santa Fe I visited Jambo many times. Ahmed always came out to greet us, and the food was always amazing. I haven't been in so long, and now I want to make a special trip. Good memories.

Geography lesson  [ Thu Nov 24 2011 11:59 PM ]

Clever title, but none of those Aussie vineyards are in Queensland...all South Australia.

Well written piece  [ Wed Oct 26 2011 4:57 PM ]

You make some excellent points. I am a student at UNM and am not a fan of the administration. However, I must interject that for someone who did not participate in the activity at Camp Coyote, the protest's seemingly unfocused mission detracted from its credibility. The first day they set up at Yale/Redondo I commented that the area seemed to have the look of a legitimized homeless camp. Then there was the name change [(un)occupy]. Was it a makeshift shelter or part of the Occupy movement?

I definitely feel there is a need for an improvement in services for the homeless in our city, and definitely far too much "turning a blind eye" to a serious and heartbreaking issue.

Silver Location: Nosedive in Quality  [ Mon Oct 3 2011 1:38 PM ]

I can remember visiting Annapurna a couple of years ago and thinking what a gem of a restaurant it was. With so many interesting and "healing" selections, it seemed the proprietors were dedicated to delivering a quality and nourishing product--which also somewhat justified their high prices. However, on my last three or four visits, I have been sorely disappointed in the quality and the taste of the offerings. And since it's difficult to find "healthier" fare in the UNM area, I kept going back. And as a side note, the restaurant has lately seemed unkempt and grimy.

I recall a seeing on Craigslist a slew of complaints several months ago, from what appeared to be former employees, against the owner/management when they were advertising vacant positions. I wonder if this disgruntlement is being expressed in the quality of the food, because truly, the only thing worth ordering anymore are the fries.

YEEAAAAHHHHH!!​!!  [ Fri Jun 24 2011 6:21 PM ] Bastian would say.

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