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Comments bunny...  [ Wed Oct 28 2009 5:58 PM ]

and what ever happened to sexy Abe Lincoln?

Haunted or...  [ Wed Oct 28 2009 5:53 PM ]

I have always thought it would be cool to live in a haunted house until I started watching shows on them. I have since changed my mind as I think that ghost would be annoying...I don't care if they have to ease their restless spirit, but I would hate to be woken up over it.

Nick  [ Mon Apr 27 2009 8:32 AM ]

You have plastic lizards in your car, where do you park your car at night???? Not that I have a thing for plastic lizards or anything, but if you see me wandering your's not me.

Solid Start?  [ Mon Apr 27 2009 8:21 AM ]

How could it be a solid start for Obama with the passing of Bea Arthur? I think a Reanimation bill should be passed and Golden Girls reunion be put into the works.

I might have  [ Mon Apr 27 2009 8:18 AM ]

a gun in my house, but I don't trust my cat and its extra set of claws. It has killed mice, scorpions, and birds...I don't want to be next!

RIP  [ Mon Apr 27 2009 8:10 AM ]

I think you should give them a proper funeral!

Wow two...  [ Wed Apr 15 2009 7:22 AM ]

Hilary Swank movies made the list. What about The Next Karate Kid???

I guess...  [ Wed Apr 15 2009 7:15 AM ]

I'm going to have to start smoking the gum tax and I will still be as cool looking as James Dean.

If you consider...  [ Wed Apr 15 2009 7:06 AM ]

punk bands famous then I have met a lot of famous people. Jerry Only hung out with me when our band played with the Misfits and I got drunk with Vinnie Stigma and Roger Miret a couple times. I also met Nick hands still has not been washed since he shook my hand!

Where do you fly???  [ Tue Mar 24 2009 1:54 PM ]

$4 screwdrivers - all drinks for me on my last flight were $5 or $6.

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