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Financial Services

Friday, August 28


All, I have had some time to do some research on the economic situation of the USA and have found some staggering facts. On 8/20/2015 Dow dropped 300 points. On 8/21/2015 the Dow dropped another 500 points. On 8/24/2015, the Dow dropped over 1000 points before rebounding to 585 points. Please watch this video and other videos from the site about the problems we currently face in the future and have a way to protect your finances for free. No pressure on this but take care of yourself and your family due to the upcoming crisis before it is too late. I am extremely concerned about the future of the nation and this is one way I can help - by putting a collection of videos together and solutions to the crisis for those willing to watch and proceed. Thank you all for taking valuable time to protect the future!
Saturday, August 8


Due to poor economy, paper money is on a track for lower performance and may soon dip into a severe reduction worse than the Great Depression. To help combat that issue, exchanging paper money into GOLD while the gold prices are down gives all of us some hope into surviving the bad years. Gold is at a 5-year low currently. Now you can start your own new savings plan by exchanging paper money into gold. Please let your family and friends also know about this so they can decide what is best for them. Go to for more info!
Tuesday, August 4


I am a financial representative with Northwestern Mutual. Our mission is to develop enduring relationships with clients by providing expert guidance for a lifetime of financial security. I work with clients to identify their financial security needs and then focus on solutions that can help make those financial goals a reality. I help find the right solutions for personal, family or business needs. For additional information, Call me at (505) 872-7865. To learn more about my specialties, visit my website.
Monday, July 20


Exchange paper money for GOLD and start saving during the bad economy!
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