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LAUNCHPAD - Monday, March 2


SISTER - Friday, March 6


SISTER 03-06-2015 A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS(NY) creepoid Sad Baby Wolf $7 pre sale / $10 at the door GET YOUR TICKETS NOW !!!
SISTER - Friday, March 6


SISTER 03-06-2015 A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS(NY) creepoid Sad Baby Wolf $7 pre sale / $10 at the door GET YOUR TICKETS NOW !!!
SISTER - Friday, March 6


SISTER 03-06-2015 A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS(NY) creepoid Sad Baby Wolf $7 pre sale / $10 at the door GET YOUR TICKETS NOW !!!
SISTER - Saturday, March 7


SISTER - Monday, March 9


SISTER 03-09-2015 In 1965 five boys, ages 15 and 16, stepped onto the stage of the legendary PANDORA’S BOX on Hollywood’s Sunset Strip…. THE SLOTHS were born. The Sloths played virtually every venue in Hollywood; The Palladium, The Stratford, Sea Witch, The Hullabaloo, Bito Lidos, The Galaxy, and The Whiskey. They shared the bill with The Doors, Love, Iron Butterfly, The Seeds, The Electric Prunes and British icons Pink Floyd and The Animals. THE SLOTHS recorded two original songs for Impression Records; ‘MAKIN’ LOVE’ and ‘YOU MEAN EVERYTHING TO ME’. Taking the 45 vinyl themselves to local radio stations, ‘Makin’ Love’ was considered way too controversial for 1960’s airplay. By the end of Summer 1966, the group disbanded. A few members joined other rock groups, the others left the music profession entirely. Unbeknownst to them, during the 1980s, their record of MAKIN’ LOVE was discovered and added to a collection of garage band music entitled BACK FROM THE GRAVE. It was now covered by many bands including The Gories. By 2011, the scarce remaining copies of their 45rpm of MAKIN’ LOVE and YOU MEAN EVERYTHING TO ME was selling on eBay for $6,550.00. Hearing of this, rock fanzine UGLY THINGS decided to do an article on this unique occurrence and wanted to solve the mystery of ‘Who were The Sloths?’. UGLY THINGS editor Mike Stax tracked down original guitarist JEFF BRISKIN, while at same time, Mike Dugo of found bassist MIKE RUMMANS. Slowly others were found… STEVE DIBNER, DON SILVERMAN, and former MAY WINE lead singer TOMMY McLOUGHLIN. For the first time in almost 45 years the guys rejoined other 1960s Sunset Strip rock musicians and… THE SLOTHS were re-born. The Sloths are performing their garage punk set list in the exact 'show band style' as they did in 1966, and their original single MAKIN’ LOVE has just been re-released on vinyl. Over the last two years they've headlined at over 60 venues including Mr. Ts, The Bullet/Hollywood Studio Bar, Johnny Whiteside's Messaround, The Soda Bar & The Eleven in San Diego, Rockit in San Francisco, and The Stork Club in Oakland, garage rock festival 'Debauch a Reno, Norton Records Benefit at the Echo and New Orleans' 'Ponderosa Stomp Music Festival'. In December 2013 they headlined the PURPLE WEEKEND in Leon, Spain. THE SLOTHS are currently TOMMY McLOUGHLIN (lead singer), MIKE RUMMANS (bass guitar), MARK WEDDINGTON (guitar), PATRICK DiPUCCIO (guitar) and RAY HERRON (drums). SUN DOG HOLY GLORIES
SISTER - Saturday, March 14


SISTER 03-14-2015 With: SIT KITTY SIT * TIMESTABLE Opening Performance by Rock 101 Student ALLISON SHERRILL Guitar Raffle by Music-Go-Round $5
SISTER - Tuesday, March 17


SISTER 03-17-2015 Tuesday, March 17th Doors at 8 Music starts at 9 PM Pre-sale price $10 This is going to be fun! Merchandise : (4AD) Merchandise is a band fighting against the easy categorization reserved for abbreviated biographies. The project is equal parts punk misanthropy, maudlin balladeering, fine art, low humor, classical study, psychedelic spacecasing, mad science and pop genius. Formed as a trio in Tampa, Florida in 2008, the band has undergone ceaseless revision and reinvention. After putting out numerous records and tapes on independent punk labels and touring the underground, the band truly hit its stride with the release of their second LP Children of Desire in April 2012. In addition to a very warm reception from fans, the record received praise from the likes of Pitchfork, NME, Spin, and numerous other critics and journals. 2013 saw the band releasing Totale Nite on Iowa City’s Night People label and touring extensively throughout America and Europe. Merchandise’s first album for 4AD, After The End, will be released on 25th August 2014. Power Trip: (Southern Lord Recordings) Formed in early 2008, Power Trip draw from the sacred texts of classic hardcore, punk, and metal. After the success of their self-titled Lockin’ Out 7”, Power Trip has unleashed their debut LP MANIFEST DECIMATION, out now via Southern Lord Records. Surging with a modernized translation of the works of mandatory crossover pioneers Nuclear Assault, the Cro-Mags. Exodus, Leeway, Sepultura, and more, Manifest Decimation hurtle the band’s “steel, speed and destruction” ethos direct at the jugular with thirty-five minutes of crossover intensity that sounds like it was excavated from a 1987 time capsule with sixteen tons of radioactive dynamite. Recorded by Arthur Rizk and Daniel Schmuck, and produced, mixed, and mastered by Arthur Rizk at Solomon’s Gate in Philadelphia, Manifest Decimation wages war on all in its earshot, with nearly thirty-five minutes of thrashing violence. In the wake of their rabid live shows, images of impending doom and destruction have become synonymous with the name POWER TRIP
SISTER - Sunday, March 22


SISTER 03-22-2015 As practitioners of a “non-traditional” interpretation of afrobeat for more than a decade, Chicago Afrobeat Project frequently reinvents itself within a genre first pioneered by Fela Kuti. The group’s latest release Nyash Up!” shows the group redefining their signature version of afrobeat by incorporating elements of hip-hop, orchestra-like musical arrangement, and stylistic explorations of rock, jazz and funk. In 2014, the group ups the ante by collaborating with master afrobeat drummer Tony Allen on a studio release slotted for late in the year. The two artists first collaborated in 2013 on a series of Midwest summer concerts and plan to work together in the U.S. in summer 2014 as well. As a genre, the success of the Broadway musical Fela! and a growing interest in the music has made afrobeat a widely-known sound around the world. Elements of the music are pushing their way further into more diverse and mainstream outlets with a widening array of successful artists such as The Roots, Janelle Monae, Vampire Weekend and drawing influence from the sound. Chicago Afrobeat Project embarked as one of the first nationally touring American bands to take the sound to the masses. The band has mastered a sound that weaves the uniqueness of the Chicago music scene with a distinct western-influenced Nigerian style of music. The group performed with Seun Kuti (son of the late Fela Kuti) and featured Sahr (the original actor portraying Fela in the Broadway musical) as a part of the official Fela! musical kick off party in Chicago. In the past with artists the group has performed with notables such as Bill Kreutzman of the Grateful Dead, Jeff Parker of Tortoise, Paul Wertico, Steve Kimmock, Sugar Blue, Howard Levy, and many others. Chicago Afrobeat Project channels this immense momentum to every performance. The band’s reputation as delivering a stellar live performance translates to group’s new “Nyash Up!” album as well, with critics clamoring that it’s the groups best studio record to date.
SISTER - Monday, March 23


SISTER 03-23-2015 OH ME OH MY ANOTHER AWESOME SHOW DURING MARCH 2015 Delicate Steve (NYC) Touring the USA this March/April with stops at SXSW & Treefort Music Fest, Delicate Steve promise to bring the all the groovy dance jams shredder Steve Marion and his gang of pranksters can squeeze into a hour long set! Moon Honey (LA,CA) After moving from their hometown Baton Rouge Louisiana to Los Angeles California in October, the band has shifted some members & sounds around and will promptly blow your ears, hearts, and minds away with the sonic melting that is Moon Honey! (this will be their third time playing Sister, they played the bar once with YOU and once with SCREAMING FEMALES) YOU (ABQ,NM) Albuquerque New Mexico's favorite Mind-Expansion Research Team looks to turn the party vibes up to 11 $5 COVER
SISTER - Friday, April 24


SISTER 04-24-2015 Stoked to have Waxahatchee coming back to Sister! plus Girlpool whoaaaaAAAAAaaaaa Waxahatchee Girlpool Pre-sale tickets are only $7 21+ PARTY ON
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