Alibi V.26 No.25 • June 22-28, 2017 
Cars 3

Film Review

Cars 3

Sentimental and scenic, trilogy-ending sports flick cruises to the finish line

Cars 3 is no ironclad Pixar classic but it is a well made film that delivers more or less the same sentimental moral as the original and Larry the Cable Guy is hardly in this one at all.
Reel World

Reel World

See the Navajo Documentary Film Tour, the Annual Feline Film Festival and The LEGO Batman Movie outdoors.
Blood Drive trailer

Idiot Box

Crash Course

“Blood Drive” on Syfy

With its new trashy-and-proud-of-it action drama “Blood Drive,” Syfy veers into the uncharted realm of grindhouse exploitation.

The Mist trailer

Week in Sloth

There are monsters in "The Mist" and in "Hotel Transylvania: The Series" but in Okja, who are the real monsters?


New Mexico Entertainment's Morning Toons

Wear pajamas, bring a blanket and take part in this Saturday morning event with the family and friends and enjoy cartoons on the big screen. Have some breakfast and enjoy the toons.