Alibi V.26 No.27 • July 6-12, 2017 
Baby Driver

Film Review

Baby Driver

Edgar Wright takes an eclectic cast on a high-speed joyride with the stereo cranked to 11

Baby Driver isn’t all testosterone-fueled explosions and physics-defying stunts. It’s a gritty, guns-and-bullets character study done with panache, skill and a slice of humor.
Reel World

Reel World

See Groundhog Day at the Plaza, Made in Native America (a day of screenings and discussions with Native American filmmakers), Pete’s Dragon in the park, and you still Can't Stop The Serenity.
I’m Sorry trailer

Idiot Box

Family Unfriendly

“I’m Sorry” on truTV

In "I'm Sorry" the humor is rude, crude and consistently uncomfortable. Everyone is awful to one another, never missing an opportunity to viciously insult, tear down, gossip about or curse at one another.
Castlevania trailer

Week in Sloth

Mosquitos, sharks, video games and someone wants extra serial killer credit.