Alibi V.25 No.41 • Oct 13-19, 2016 
Your City Council hard at work

Council Watch

Empowerment, Fees and the Police

Council reckons with many issues

The Albuquerque City Council meets to discuss bus transportation, homeowners’ fees and police plata.
News City
Robert Maestas


Three teens cited while wearing clown masks, free pit bull training classes and an amendment to the state constitution goes up for vote.
Odds and Ends

Odds & Ends

Funny because someone else lives in Bad Kissingen.
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Like They Do in Havana—Ooh Na Na

¡Baile!: Rueda de Casino (Cuban Salsa) Dance Classes

Instructors Evelyn Mora and Norma Quiñones offer a chance for families and friends to learn the history, culture and basic movements for salsa, bachata, merengue and more.


The Movement of Revolution

Ghanaian Dance Classes

Learn traditional Ghanaian dance from a master of the genre.