The Daily Word in taxpayers paying Uncle Sam, the Secret Service paying for sex and NFL fans paying for psychiatric tests

The Daily Word

Happy Tax Day! You have until midnight to get your taxes filed, or else.

Up to 20 Secret Service agents may be punished after reports say they were soliciting prostitutes on a trip to Colombia with President Obama.

Mitt Romney says his dog Seamus loves riding on the roofs of cars!

Not all animals love the GOP, even those with amphibious names; Newt Gingrich was bitten by a penguin.

Old timey people in old timey photographs with cell phones.

Can you solve the myriad of mysteries in Mulholland Drive with these ten David Lynch-approved clues?

A pilot scatters passengers across the cabin after confusing the planet Venus for an oncoming plane.

Albuquerque police arrested 28 (!) people during a citywide DWI sting on Friday night.

George Zimmerman’s lawyer tries to get Florida Judge Jessica Recksiedler removed after she reveals her husband works with a CNN legal analyst.

Rest in peace Michael “Flathead” Blanchard, whose obituary reads that his childhood friends were “criminals, prostitutes and/or Democrats.”

This energy-efficient, 20-year-lasting LED light bulbcan be yours for only $60.

An epic solar eruption image taken by a NASA satellite.

Ejected fans at NFL games will now have to pass an online test to be allowed back in. Oh yeah, and it costs $75.

Fast food sold in the U.S. is found to be the saltiest in the world.