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Thanks to creepy algorithmic autocomplete search capabilities, I was just allowed an enlightening glimpse into the top ten burning questions fellow pilgrims in the area have been posing to the All-Knowing, All-Seeing Oracle, Google.

How do I tell if...

my dog has a fever?

I have bed bugs?

my Mac is 64 bit?

I'm pregnant?

my phone is unlocked?

I'm ovulating?

a girl likes me?

a mango is ripe?

eggs are still good?

my Coach purse is real?

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A very special webisode of “Enter the Dojo”—Attack the Heart!

The deservedly popular “Enter the Dojo” series, made from scratch right here in New Mexico, released a Valentine’s Day ep. If you haven’t been following it, “ETD” is a mockumentary-style web show that shadows ultimate dude / martial arts instructor Master Ken as he teaches life lessons and the deadly art of “Ameri-Do-Te.” Watch it and feel all warm and squishy as “Master Ken teaches his students to protect their hearts and destroy all others in this very special Valentine's Day episode.” Hi-ya!

Flickr: fun3MD

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Update: PNM says power outages are plaguing the city

Residents along the North Valley's Fourth Street corridor aren't in the dark any more. But Albuquerque customers are still without power at about 50 other outage sites.
From a PNM news blast:

Crews are working to restore power to those customers. The other outages affect less than 300 people, mostly single homes at this point. An additional 100 +/- customers are affected by 9 outages in the Valencia area.

The utility says extra workers are responding to the outages, and that they'll work through the night if necessary. PNM says that it could take "several hours" for some customers to get their power back.

Earlier this evening, PNM says about 5,300 customers, the largest group affected in the city, lost power because of an equipment failure at their Montano substation. The failure was caused by strong winds.

PNM advises people to avoid downed power lines.

Call (888) DIAL-PNM (888-342-5766) and say "Outage" to report an outage or downed line. To stay current on outage updates, follow "PNMtalk" on Twitter or find them on Facebook. There's also an outage map with estimated restoration times at

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Independent Review Officer releases findings in the Darren White investigation

The city's Independent Review Officer William Deaton cleared former Public Safety Director Darren White of any wrongdoing by exerting his position at the scene of a car accident involving White’s wife, Kathleen. The city released a redacted copy of Deaton’s investigation summary. Interim City Attorney Robert Kidd says the names are blacked out due to an union-city administration agreement.

Deaton also found there was enough evidence to investigate Kathleen of DUI when on the morning of July 6, she crashed into a curb and told officers she was taking prescription drugs. White showed up with lights flashing and took her to the hospital himself. Allegations started circulating immediately about White trying to intimidate officers and of Deputy Chief Beth Paiz putting pressure on one of the responding officers to change drug details before turning in the accident report. Deaton’s findings say that paramedic and other witnesses at the scene did not think White was throwing his power around to remove his wife from scene. Nor did White intimidate them, the findings say.

Deaton said he did not find any wrongdoing on the part of Deputy Chief Paiz asking a responding officer to take out references to prescription drugs.

Deaton found enough evidence showing White abused his city vehicle and should not have used his lights in responding to the scene. The City Attorney’s office and the Mayor's office released statements declining any comment on the report.

On July 25, the City Council’s Internal Operations Committee approved asking the full Council to request the city’s new inspector general do an independent look at the incident. Council members have said they do not think Deaton’s office is the proper entity to do an impartial investigation. The next full Council meeting is set for 5 p.m. on Monday, Aug. 1, in the Council Chambers in the basement of City Hall.

(from l to r) Stacy and Mark Delk; Caren Cowan, New Mexico Cattle Growers' Association, who presented the award; and Diane and Joe Delk.

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Congratulations to the Delks: 2010 State Fair Ranch Family of the Year!

We’d also like to congratulate the Vigils: the New Mexico Department of Agriculture’s 2010 Farm Family of the Year. They own Nambe Orchards.

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Dan Mayfield will be editor in chief of Albuquerque the Magazine

Reporter, columnist and pompadoured-man-about-town Dan Mayfield has left the Albuquerque Journal after six very visible years, announcing that he’s the next to helm Albuquerque the Magazine. Besides churning out culture-heavy copy at that daily paper, including a New Mexico film industry beat, Mayfield tells me that managing the Friday Venue section has given him plenty of experience editing a publication. Still, when he starts work in a few weeks, Mayfield says he’d like to get a feel for how the magazine operates from the ground up, first by sitting at the copy desk and engaging in the nuts and bolts aspects of putting the publication together. December will be his official first issue in the EIC hot seat. Whether he’ll still have time to do his doo-wop radio show Sundays on 1600 AM, we’ll just have to wait and see.