Alibi V.14 No.46 • Nov 17-23, 2005 

Book News

Think Global, Buy Local

New Mexico Books and More

Great ideas are worth repeating. Last year, New Mexico presses and authors—led by local publisher LPD Press—pooled their resources to rent a storefront in Cottonwood Mall during the holiday shopping season. The creative gamble paid off. The co-op got massive local media coverage and ended up selling over 3,400 books in 40 days.

This year, they're doing it again in the same space. New Mexico Books and More is more than just a temporary bookstore specializing in New Mexico books. With a packed roster of booksignings stretching from the last week of November right up to Christmas, it's like a DIY book festival that costs next to nothing for local authors to participate in.

The store attracts the likes of local literary bigshots like Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez and Rudolfo Anaya as well as a host of lesser known authors. As such it presents an ideal opportunity to pick up the perfect gifts for the readers on your shopping list. Whether you're shopping for someone who lives in New Mexico or for someone out of state, a book about our fair region can make an ideal gift for the right person.

The store itself will be in operation from Nov. 20 through Dec. 31. It will generally be open Mondays through Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Sundays from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Below is a schedule of signings. For additional details about the store, log onto the New Mexico Book Co-op's excellent website at and click on "Book Store."

Schedule of Book Signings

Friday, Nov. 25

11 a.m., Avrum Organick—Blessings, Scandal in Yvonsk and Canyon Boy
1 p.m., David Corwell—Cloaked in Shadow: Dark Tales of Elves
2 p.m., Lexi Petronis—Albuquerque The Magazine
3 p.m., Cynthia Davis—Beloved Leah and Rehabs Redemption
4 p.m., Annie Harmon—For Sarah

Saturday, Nov. 26

11 a.m., Rudolfo Anaya—Santero's Miracle, Heart of Aztlan
12 p.m., Richard Fagerlund—Ask the Bugman, The Bugman on Bugs
1 p.m., Melody Groves—The Quest, Sonoran Range
2 p.m., Tom Steele and Tom Lucero—Religious Architecture of Hispano New Mexico
3 p.m., David Nidel—Memories
4 p.m., Pari Noskin Taichert—The Belen Hitch, The Clovis Incident
5 p.m., Marianne Powers—Doing The Right Thing

Friday, Dec. 2

2 p.m., Jim Hammond—Phoenix Society
3 p.m., Professor Furfur—Rebecca and The Great Goat Getaway
4 p.m., Sally Moore—Culinary New Mexico
5 p.m., Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez—Dirty Girls Social Club, Playing with Boys

Saturday, Dec. 3

11 a.m., Randi Levin—Baking at High Altitude
12 p.m., Margaret Tessler—Class Disunion, Tangled Web
1 p.m., Gordon Jemeyson—Bottle Creek
2 p.m., Sammy Sorrell—Home Grown Terrorism
3 p.m., Martha Egan—Clearing Customs
4 p.m., Patricia Heyman—Abundance Tree
5 p.m., Gene Guerin—Cottonwood Saints

Sunday, Dec. 4

12 p.m., Ruben Archuleta—Eppie Archuleta, I Came from El Valle
1 p.m., Amy Lignor—The Heart of a Legend
2 p.m., Rachel Troyce—Seducción, Amor y Mentiras
3 p.m., Richard Harvey—Blackjack The Smart Way, Cutting Edge Blackjack, Richard Harvey's Blackjack PowerPrep Session, New Ways to Win More at Blackjack
4 p.m., Eliseo "Cheo" Torres—Stories of Mexico's Independence Days

Friday, Dec. 9

12 p.m., Albert Noyer—Secundus Papyrus, Cybelene Conspiracy
1 p.m., Dennis Domrzalski—I Got Stinky Feet
2 p.m., Martin Chavez, Nasario Garcia—Albuquerque Felix Cumpleanos, Tiempos Lejanos, Chistes
3 p.m., Zelda Gatuskin
5 p.m., Michael Isaacs—The Fuzzy Escape Artists

Saturday, Dec. 10

11 a.m., Richard Peck—Dead Pawn, Strategy of Terror, The New Mexico Experience, All Courses in the Kingdom, Final Solution
12 p.m., Paula Paul—Crazy Quilt
1 p.m., Ana Baca—Benito's Bizcochitos, The Bueno Cookbook, Chiles for Benito
2 p.m., Judith Van Gieson—The Shadow of Venus, Land of Burning Heat, Confidence Woman and Vanishing Point
2 p.m., Don Bullis—99 New Mexicans, Bloodville
3 p.m., Ron Chapman—Way of Spirit, Way of Success
4 p.m., Aaron Frale—Porn Free Bibles
5 p.m., Stephen Hazlett—City Different and Nina's Time
Sunday, Dec. 11

12 p.m., Sharon Niederman—Return to Abo
1 p.m., Ana Pacheco—Las Comidas de los Abuelos, Saints and Seasons
2 p.m., Monte Parr—Adventures in Camping
3 p.m., Susan Parr—30 Days Out of Depression, Battlefield Prayers
4 p.m., Mel Eisenstadt—Navajo Afterglow, Noah's Millennium
5 p.m., Sue Boggio and Mare Pearl—Sunlight and Shadow

Friday, Dec. 16

5 p.m., Yolanda Nava—It's All in the Frijoles, Chopped Liver

Saturday, Dec. 17

11 a.m., Lois Glass Webb—The Judge's Daughter
12 p.m., Peter Michaelson—Freedom from Self-Sabotage, Secret Attachments, See Yourself to Self-Esteem, The Phantom and the Psyche
1 p.m., Jill Lane—Cinder Bear and the Christmas Train
2 p.m., Sabra Steinsiek—'Til End of Time, Timing Is Everything
3 p.m., Robert Olivas—Good, Better, Best
4 p.m., Jill Lane—Oso Bear at the NMSO
5 p.m., Richard Campbell—Two Eagles in the Sun

Sunday, Dec. 18

12 p.m., Pamela Christie—The King's Lizard
1 p.m., Fredricka Heller—Out of Shadow
2 p.m., Victoria Dye—All Aboard for Santa Fe
3 p.m., John Taylor—Dejad a Los Ninos, Bloody Valverde, The Battle of Glorieta Pass
4 p.m., Lisa Bear Goldman—Amadito and Spider Woman

Friday, Dec. 23

11 a.m., Barbara Beasley Murphy—Miguel Lost and Found in the Palace, Life, How I Love You
12 p.m., Florence Weinberg—Storks of La Caridad
2 p.m., Sandra Cline—Pug Sheridan
5 p.m., Hubert Allen—The Petroglyph Calendar, The Simpson Incident