Alibi V.17 No.34 • Aug 21-27, 2008 

Local Lexicon

Women Writers

Decoding Design: Understanding and Using Symbols in Visual Communication

By Maggie Macnab
Paperback (How), $35

This abundantly illustrated book connects the basic shapes found in nature with effective graphic design. Its interdisciplinary approach reveals the patterns of nature and their powerful symbolic messages. The book also includes some deconstruction of symbolism embedded in familiar corporate logos.

Morning Light

By Nancy King
Paperback (Atelier Books), $14.95

New Yorker Anna Baum grew up an outsider, chose a profession she didn’t want and married the charming but abusive Max, all while loosing touch with her childhood storyteller, the imaginary Boonah. During a hospital stay, two nurses breach her protective wall to help her recover Boonah and a world of possibilities.

Egret Cove

By Margaret Nava
Paperback (Bell Bridge Books), $14.95

Hot Florida sunshine, bocce ball tournaments, Hemingway look-alikes, dancing with a sexy Italian and visiting old ladies who talk to aliens is just another day for 60-year-old Angela Dunn. Angela's experiences in Egret Cove reveal how a change of scenery can change your life.

Seven Steps Out of the Humpty Dumps

By Susan Sherwood Parr
Paperback (Bridge-Logos Publishers), $6.99

Explore Christian avenues of healing available to the grieving in the pages of Seven Steps Out of the Humpty Dumps. Combining experience and sensitivity with insight, this book details practical steps leading out of the dumps and back into abundant living.

Atarque: Now All Is Silent ...

By Pauline Chavez Bent
Paperback (Rio Grande Books), $18.95

Stories of New Mexico's frontier give a glimpse into the settlements that once dotted the landscape as New Mexico moved from a territory to statehood.

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