RE: Much Ado About Nothing

I can't believe you missed this one. The fear of reprisals over showing an uncut version of "Saving Private Ryan" had nothing to do with language.

Come on, stretch a bit ... We were in a huge and bloody battle in Falluja. It's an immensely unpopular war, after a terribly disappointing election, and, on Veterans Day, ABC planned to run one of the most heart-wrenching war/anti-war movies of all time.

You think the federal government is putting pressure on the "liberal" media because of the word "Fuck"?

Janet's nipple had nothing to do with this Orwellian ploy.

Sure, they ran Return to Mayberry. They also hoped we would watch Turner Classics where they featured John Wayne WWII movies all weekend. You know, movies about war where Americans were the good guys, always saved the day, and mother's didn't cry. ...