Time Flies When You're Eating Good

The Grove Café and Market turns one

Grove co-owner Lauren Greene loves you!
Grove co-owner Lauren Greene loves you!
Tabatha Roybal

It really feels as though The Grove Café opened, like, three months ago. But no. It's been around for one whole year—and with The Grove, there's come an outpouring of poached eggs, bacony salads, juicy, honeyed-fruit bites and those perfect little cupcakes. And, I might add, an exceptionally hot staff on both sides of the counter.

Honestly, everything about the place is beautiful. I defy you to not fall for the the displays of too-cute packaged food products, the modern homeyness of the décor, the smiles of husband-and-wife chef and owners, the Greenes. And the food, of course. It's artful and comfy as anything.

The Grove is officially celebrating one year in biz tomorrow (Saturday, June 16). Stop by between 11:30 a.m. and 2 p.m. to see bluegrass junkies The Saltine Ramblers perform on the patio. I have no idea what else they’re planning ... but, by god, I hope it involves cake.