Nobody Told Me Kevin Costner Had A Band

Kevin Costner and Modern West Perform Sunday August 5 at the Sunshine Theater

It’s true, Kevin Costner’s band Modern West is coming to the Sunshine. It’s sort of a slick-sounding country outfit, like Wallace and Gromit or Hardcastle and McCormick. Yeah, I know, I can’t remember the names of any real country acts at the moment but it’s always something that sounds like that.

Then, just two days later, you can see Billy Bob Thornton and the Boxmasters at El Rey Theater.

I think, in general, people are less willing to accept the notion of an actor with a band than a musician breaking into acting. Rockers like John Doe, David Bowie and Henry Rollins don’t have much trouble getting roles in movies and often get favorable reviews for their performances. Actors with bands, on the other hand, are universally mocked. I can’t think of an exception to that rule right now. Keanu Reeves: mocked. Lou Diamond Phillips: mocked. Bruce Willis: mocked. Kevin Bacon: mocked. Who am I missing?