Finger Lickin’ Good

Juliette and the Licks liven up Sunday evening

Juliette Lewis wants YOU at the next ‘Licks show
Juliette Lewis wants YOU at the next ‘Licks show

It seems whenever a band touts its live show as being a sight to behold, it means one of two things: Either the band's live show really is impressive or its CD isn't good enough to get people to the band's shows on its own merit.

In the case of Juliette and the Licks, who played the Launchpad last night, the former is true. Their latest release, Four on the Floor is a grungy, passionate, punchy slice of rock-pop that provides reason enough to see the band. But their live show is what completely sold me on the act, fronted by actress Juliette Lewis and highlighted by H20 guitarist Todd Morse.

Lewis was in fine form, head-banging, sticking her face into the crowd to request vocal backup and posing dramatically whenever possible. But the most important part of the live show is what Lewis has been telling the media all along: Her band has serious chops and they all have a blast on stage.

From the first screaching guitar solo to the night ending curtain call when all of the half-naked band members stood with arms around each other, sweaty and looking like true rock stars, the chemistry between the band members and the crowd was palpable.

Let's hope the Licks make Albuquerque a regular tour stop, which wouldn't be hard to imagine given the packed house on a Sunday night.