One Week from Today: The Octopus Project

Post rock? Trance rock? Hamster rock?

I’ve previously gone on record as being down on rock, but that’s not exactly true, it’s just what I like to say to get the argument going. (Oh, and go it does.) I’m just totally sick of standard-issue pop-rock, cock-rock and schlock-rock with some hair-swinging front-person attempting to distract the listener from the shitty fucking music being churned out by the band in the background. Call me picky, cuz I am.

Well, The Octopus Project dodges all that and still cranks it up to a massively-rocking level, with all the crucial elements: drum, bass, guitar and photogenic retro gal on theremin. I hope an old man like me can stay up late enough for this youth-culture gig. That’s next Wednesday, Nov. 14, at your favorite rock joint, the Launchpad, with ex-local fave raves A Hawk and a Hacksaw.