Psychedelic Jazz-Rock Fusion Video of the Day IV

Can is one of the few bands that can accurately be (and frequently are) described as “ahead of their time.” This partially shirtless 1971 performance from Der Beat-Club (a German TV show that was also apparently the source of PJ-RFVotD III) aptly demonstrates this incontrovertible fact.

“Paperhouse” is the first track off the monolithic, influential and tremendously groovy double-slab Tago Mago. Is it fusion? Fuck no. It’s way beyond all that. Who woulda thought a couple of Karlheinz Stockhausen’s students and a skinny Japanese singer would totally reinvent rock? But they did. Check out Michael Karoli’s guitar solo around 4:00. Nobody was playing guitar like that in 1971. Prove me wrong.