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The Shittiest Christmas Song

For this year’s shittiest Christmas song, I vote John “Couger” Mellencamp’s shitty rendition of “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus,” if only for his complete and unapologetic disregard for the song’s melody. He’s just screaming it at you like a football coach, but in that affected rock-star vernacular that turns “I” into “Ah” and “night” into “naaaght.” Why bother?

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  • ELP  [ Wed Dec 26 2007 9:31 AM ]

    had a great one. father x-mas something.

  • Last night  [ Wed Dec 26 2007 1:24 PM ]

    I saw the video for a Boys II Men's rendition of "Let It Snow." In it they wear matching outfits and give gifts to hot girls.

  • Please don't tease,  [ Wed Dec 26 2007 1:26 PM ]

    JohnProctor, remember that shitty song and give us the shitty link!

  • I bet you  [ Wed Dec 26 2007 1:29 PM ]

    Nick Brown's favorite xmas song is by the New Christie Minstrels. They really knock yer socks off. (for real, it's good fun)


  • The true meaning of shitty  [ Wed Dec 26 2007 1:36 PM ]

    ... I mean Christmas:


  • Holy Shit!  [ Wed Dec 26 2007 1:50 PM ]

    That is FUCKING hilarious!!! I'm both glad and sad I listened. Thank you and curse you, Mayor McCheese.

  • That's pretty damn shitty  [ Wed Dec 26 2007 2:27 PM ]

    I've never heard anything so awful and yet, I listened til the end.

  • At least...  [ Wed Dec 26 2007 2:30 PM ]

    At least that dude is *trying* to sing the song, which is kind of refreshing for a change.

  • Greg Lake   [ Wed Dec 26 2007 5:04 PM ]

    I believe in Father Christmas hope this works


  • Oh Yeah!  [ Thu Dec 27 2007 10:32 AM ]

    I remember that one. It's not bad as far as xmas songs go. (waiting for the jeers).

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