How to Back Up a Trailer

... And 101 Other Things Every Real Guy Should Know

I've always had serious doubts about whether or not I'm a "real guy" and that uncertainty climbed to new heights when I took a gander at Kurt Anderson's How to Back Up a Trailer: And 101 Other Things Every Real Guy Should Know.

Anderson writes in a tongue-in-cheek fashion about the importance of being a manly man, but the information is real, and the list is peppered with horrifying tasks like: "Rotating your car's tires and changing its brake pads" (give me a break), and building and lighting a campfire during a rainstorm (I'll take a rain check my friend).

For those of you who have some hope of becoming a "real man" and have always wanted to learn how to deep-fry a turkey, throw a curve ball or play craps, pick this thing up. It even has a handy index for quick access to all of your manly needs.