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Aeriel’s new filing technique is unstopable.
Aeriel’s new filing technique is unstopable.

"You go to school in New York! How wonderful! Do you know Mike?"

Long pause on my side. "Mike? You mean Mike MacGhilleseatheanaich? No, no I don't think I know him, sorry."

They missed the joke and are sincerely saddened. "What are you majoring in?"

"English literature and environmental science."

Long pause on their side. "That's nice. But what are you going to do with that? Go on to medical school?"

"I'm actually thinking about journalism. I have a summer internship writing for the Weekly Alibi."

"That's nice." Pause. "Oh! Maybe I could ask you about placing an ad for me."

I have dialed more phone numbers in a day than I thought was humanly possible. I've left so many voice mails I call my mom saying: "Yes hi, I'm calling with the Weekly Alibi and I was hoping to inquire into what you're serving for dinner." As a journalist in training I've been called by a city councilor at 11:30 p.m. requesting he be interviewed at this more convenient time. I have also physically showed up to a scheduled interview to be told, "I have to cancel, you caught me at a bad moment." I have written about trains passing through towns half the U.S. doesn't know exists, and I have interviewed a CIA agent almost every American knows about. Maybe the articles turned out OK, or maybe the editors printed them out of pity for the blonde, I don't know, by my few works are now permanently in ink. Uh-oh.

I leave in a week and I'm beginning to think Porky Pig said it best. "That's all folks!"

So, with that I'm off. Next time you're in New York be sure to ask about me.

"Aeriel? You mean the Little Mermaid? Dude, that's a cartoon."