Festival of Cranes

One of two bald eagles I saw early in the Farm Loop.
One of two bald eagles I saw early in the Farm Loop.

I went to the Festival of Cranes down in Bosque del Apache on Saturday. It’s difficult to see in the picture (I end up saying that a lot, don’t I?) but that’s an actual bald eagle flying over the water. We saw three deer, too, along with tons of cranes and snow geese. I like bugging the serious birdwatchers by calling them all ducks. “What are those big gray ducks doing?”

Always take the Farm Loop, if you go. Don’t bother with the Marsh Loop; it’s a long and birdless road. Also, you’re supposed to drive slow but damned if I didn’t get my buggy up to 70 mph.

They had a bunch of booths and exhibits up at the visitor’s center, too. I saw lots of outdoorsy looking women with injured owls on their arms. I saw a wolf in a pen with a couple hippies petting it. Truly, the lion lays down with the lamb at Festival Del Crano.

The New Mexico Herpitological Society puts on a wonderful exhibit of native reptiles and amphibians, some of which are so cool my head might explode if I saw them in the wild. To top it off, a lady put a temporary tattoo of a salamander on my forearm for me.

Sadly, the trip wasn’t all just fun. It also marked the last time that I would eat at the original Owl Bar in San Antonio. Why? The service was beyond crummy and the “world famous” green chile cheeseburger just wasn’t that good anymore. The waitresses all made us wait half an hour before taking our order because their boss “told them to wait on the other people first.” Whatever that means. People who came in after us got their food before our order was even taken. Visit those other people’s website for a glowing review of the Owl Bar’s service.