Local Blogosphere Roundup 02.07.09

Whoa. The Ramones at the SUB Ballroom, 1984.
Whoa. The Ramones at the SUB Ballroom, 1984.
Plaza Rats @ Facebook

This is an “oldie” (from DCF waaaay back on January 27), but well worth reading. Susan See lost her job, applied for unemployment, and discovered firsthand that the benefits contractor, good ol’ Bank of America, sticks it to the downtrodden with the same lack of ethics as your average predatory lender.

Remember that Ditches With Trails project that got shut down by the Conservancy District last summer? Senator Dede Feldman was a supporter and now she’s drafted legislation to achieve the same righteous goal.

Speaking of legislators, even lefties like Clearly New Mexico have to give Republican Rep. Janice Arnold-Jones props for pushing the NM legislature toward transparency.

Watch red light runners at ABQDwell and cringe. Too bad those nanny-state cameras don’t do anything to change the behavior of shitty drivers.

’Burque Babble bemoans the terrible turnout in this week’s APS/CNM school board election. It’s true, I forgot all about it. And I actually care.

Captain America heists some historic 80s show flyers from Facebook.

Looks like another cool show coming up in the Spectre Series at UNM (NoiseFold, Feb. 20).

Hey, science fiction writer Victor Milán (who happens to live down the street from me) finally got around to watching Firefly. Nick Brown got me the DVD set last year at Costco because he knew that would be the only way I would watch it. Thanks again, Nick.