Kutiman Vamples YouTube

“I’m New” by Kutiman

This is blowing my mind.

Kutiman, a funk musician, layered clips of people practicing music, giving musical instruction, singing songs as they lounge around their houses, etc. Using samples of these YouTube videos (and he lists all his sources on his website) he made new music.

“Just a Lady” by Kutiman

It’s not exactly “vampling” (video sampling) because that happens live. But “remixing” seems too weak a word for what he’s done.

Kutiman’s got a respect for his source material that keeps the songs warm, never mocking, and lighthearted. I like that he used all different skill levels, not just super pros. It falls in line with the idea that anyone can be part of great music regardless of technical chops, a false scale often used to weigh musicians.

Take a few minutes and marvel at all seven songs.