And We Shall Call It ... Earth!

Let’s talk about the end of “Battlestar Galactica,” and let your geek flag fly

Umm...I don’t remember this scene
Umm...I don’t remember this scene


It’s over. After more years than seasons, our beloved band of humans and their Cylon allies (as well as enemies) have found a sort of home. So, from a series that had serious, serious ups and downs, what were your favorite and most-hated moments?

I’ll start. Favorite moment: So hard to choose...I’ll go with Exodus pt. 2 from Season Two--the uprising on New Caprica. Galactica jumping into the atmosphere. Bad ass.

Least favorite: Ugh. So hard to choose. Anything involving Zarek or Cally, except when Cally gets killed. That was awesome.