Napkin Art #5

Napkin Master, Bruce McCollum

Bruce McCollum writes:


I gave Jen the art she posted at Duke City Fix. I have been creating and giving away napkin drawings since 1999. I have over 600 of them in albums at home and I've given away another 400-500. I scan the one's I like and colorize them in Photoshop. I also do Acrylic paintings of them. I have attached one of the raw drawings and some of the more refined finised pieces. I had 16 finished pieces at The Wooden Cow Gallery last month. My Squidoo Page is: Thanks for giving "Air Time" to this art form.

Bruce McCollum”

Though these offerings dodge the raw napkininess of our previous entries, I was thrilled to be contacted by a true master of the medium. Bruce, you send us a napkin any time you want.