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Goodness Gracious, Somebody Smashed Out My Window

I don’t know why the kids would want to pick on me. I’m pretty low key and I don’t cause them any trouble. I also have the crummiest car on the block, so maybe they thought it wouldn’t even matter if they smashed my window. Well, anyway, it was a drag.

Luckily, it had a happy ending thanks to Ed O’Donnell and Trey down at Discount Auto on South Broadway. They found a perfect replacement window and even stuck it in for me. The process was fascinating, because I’d never seen it before. Trey forced a thin rope into a groove all the way around the rubber gasket surrounding the window, then when the window was in place, he just pulled the rope out which popped the rubber seal inside all the way around. I never knew that’s all there was to it (and I guess that’s not “all there is to it” on newer model cars). You can’t really push a window in from the outside, but if you’re ever trapped inside an ‘86 Audi Quattro, remember that you can push out the back window without too much effort.

Public Comments (22)
  • Smashed windows in Albuquerque?  [ Wed Apr 22 2009 11:32 AM ]

    My old Ford Escort had every single window (except for the rear passenger one) smashed in at different times, with the driver's side happening twice. In about 5 different zip codes. I think a Depeche Mode tape was stolen once.

  • They didn't take anything from me, this time,  [ Wed Apr 22 2009 11:46 AM ]

    even though I had a scarf in the back seat, two plastic lizards on the dashboard and a broken stereo that only gets KOBFM. They just did it to be mean.

  • That'll teach you to own something.  [ Wed Apr 22 2009 11:53 AM ]

    You had it coming.

  • how much  [ Wed Apr 22 2009 11:59 AM ]

    is it to replace a 22 year old car window?

  • Let's just say  [ Wed Apr 22 2009 12:06 PM ]

    I think I got a bro deal so I don't want to throw numbers around, but even if I could have found that glass new, it would have cost several times what the car is worth. Those guys hooked me up completely for less than most auto glass places charge for installation alone.

  • The kids love parking lots  [ Wed Apr 22 2009 3:37 PM ]

    I've had my windows broken twice, and both incidents occurred while my car was parked in a lot. They feed off anonymity and other people's pain.

  • That's fucking chicken-shit  [ Wed Apr 22 2009 4:18 PM ]

    Play Youtube Video

  • Nick  [ Mon Apr 27 2009 8:32 AM ]

    You have plastic lizards in your car, where do you park your car at night???? Not that I have a thing for plastic lizards or anything, but if you see me wandering your's not me.

  • Plastic Lizards  [ Mon Apr 27 2009 9:13 AM ]

    They are really good plastic lizards, dreamed up as some Asian factory designer's ideal of what American lizards might look like. They are truly works of art. I'll have to post pictures of them.

  • Not just Albuquerque  [ Mon Apr 27 2009 1:01 PM ]

    My rear window had a spring loaded punch taken to it in the middle of the night once in Camarillo, CA. For those of you who don't know, Camarillo is virtually crimeless. I suspect the vandalism was caused by some stupid rich kid with nothing better to do. Ever since, my trunk won't open. I think glass got jammed in the latch somehow.

  • That's horrible  [ Mon Apr 27 2009 1:55 PM ]

    What the fuck is wrong with people? Seriously.

    My previous car (when I was living in NC) was paintballed and keyed on two separate occasions, from someone I had an idea of doing but never had substantial proof. We all have enemies, and there are just some really shitty people in this world who somehow get off on doing things like that anonymously, but I've always thought damaging someone's personal property crosses the line. If you're a believer of karma, they'll surely get theirs.

  • This morning...  [ Thu May 21 2009 2:33 PM ]

    I walk out all happy outside...then I get closer to my car, and I see the doors are open. I start getting closer and find glass on the ground. Awesome. They just busted a vent window, thank whoever. Opened my doors. Stole my after market cd player. And also, handpicked my CD's. HANDPICKED. My music must suck or something. So, I cried. They left the screwdriver that they used in my car. And also, a footprint on my passengers seat. Way to go!

  • Bummer  [ Thu May 21 2009 2:47 PM ]

    That's about how I remember having my car broken into. They nabbed all my CDs—more than 200! I suppose that's too much to sort through on the spot. And they got my removable faceplate, but not the stereo. Fuckin' amateurs. Now I don't keep anything in the car.

    Too bad real life isn't like the cop shows on TV. They cut themselves trying to get into my car, left fingerprints blood and tools all over, but the police still couldn't do anything. :/

  • I suppose...  [ Thu May 21 2009 2:56 PM ] experience could have been worse. :) Way worse.

  • I suppose I don't really care  [ Thu May 21 2009 3:04 PM ]

    about having lost almost my ENTIRE music collection to that point of my life. I doubt I would listen to most of it now anyway. But I was so pissed that someone broke my window!

    "I wish I coulda caught 'im doin' it. I'd a given anything just to catch him doin' it. It woula been worth him doin' it, just so I coulda caught 'im."

    Last edited [5/21/09 3:05 PM]
  • screwdriver, dumpster, dead girl  [ Thu May 21 2009 4:05 PM ]

    Thieves left their screwdriver in my car too one of the many times it got broken into. I had left my purse in the car, yeah, stupid but it was daytime and I was just across the street.

    Anyway, they threw my purse in a nearby dumpster. The cops found it and called my dad. My dad of course freaks out- "This is APD and we just found your daughter's purse in a dumpster". My dad thinks I'm dead at this point. Poor dad.

    I tried turning in the screwdriver the next day along with the police report but the police were pretty much like yeah, we've got bigger fish to fry than trying to catch petty thieves. I took the screwdriver home and put it in my toolbox with my girly-man hammer.

  • smashed again  [ Thu May 21 2009 4:09 PM ]

    My driver's side window got smashed out last week, and they stole my broken car stereo and some other dumb stuff including one (but not both!) of the plastic lizards from my dashboard. I still haven't fixed that window. I might just leave it broken. I was stupid to lock my car in the first place.

  • Interesting.  [ Thu May 21 2009 4:12 PM ]

    I called and made a report. Then I called some other number and asked them to have a cop come by and look at the car. The dispatcher had a really bad attitude. I yelled at him and asked, "Do you understand what I am telling you NOW?!" Effin prick. He was nice after that. An hour later a cop came by. He was nice. Dusted some stuff. And took off...that was just a waste of time...wasn't it? But nobody else that lives in the apartments asks. And there have been like 3 break ins in the last month.

  • Big fish to fry?  [ Thu May 21 2009 4:18 PM ]

    Then why do they stand around outside of the Gizmo store all day for weeks at a time?

    that was just a waste of time...wasn't it?

    In my experience, yes, but don't give up hope yet. :)

  • RE: smashed again  [ Thu May 21 2009 4:18 PM ]

    In your neighborhood?

  • nope, this time at work  [ Thu May 21 2009 5:03 PM ]

    downtown, during the day.

  • At work?  [ Fri May 22 2009 11:17 AM ]

    When you figure out who did it you should fire them.

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