Local Blogosphere Roundup 05.02.09

Some pig!
Some pig!

So enough about the swine flu already. How about just a big, beautiful swine without the flu?

Whoa. Water to flow in the perpetually dry Santa Fe River thanks to River Flow Resolution passed by the SF City Council to “partly mimic a normal Spring flow.” Who says you can’t legislate climate change?

Albuquerque named a top city for biking, despite the fact that only 0.8% of us actually do it.

Over at Teabag Central, one of those cranky Rio Grande Foundation dudes says rail sucks because “roads and airlines are largely self-sufficient,” conveniently ignoring decades of Federal subsidies for same. Facts, schmacts.

State senator Dede Feldman promotes opposition candidates for the Middle Rio Grande Conservancy board. (Election June 2!)

And the Spectre Series of drone/electronic works continues with Metal Rouge (NZ) and Mesa Ritual (NM) next weekend. These shows look pretty cool.