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Napkin Art #24: “Carl, would you like a hot dog?” by Jessica Cassyle Carr

Halloween came early this year when our own JCC submitted this piece of Napkin Art inviting our corpulent publisher to taste his own untimely doom. Go ahead, Carl. Have a hotdog and let us drain the tallow from your lifeless, flapping jowls. Plus, we all want raises.

Public Comments (2)
  • Jessica  [ Mon Oct 5 2009 5:00 PM ]

    Your handwriting is pretty

  • Ah!  [ Mon Oct 5 2009 5:09 PM ]

    Thank you, ChiKung! I don't even recall making this beautiful creation. My best napkin work is in the possession of Ross at Anodyne, and deals with reviving what was once the best jukebox in town. Some of it could be considered post impressionist, while others are works of fantasy verging on surrealism. Also, I want a raise.

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