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Cryptid Alert: Bigfoot Uses ESP to Enter Dreams and Mines Gold for UFO Aliens

Yeti fans, this one’s got it all. Yetis dressed as Native Americans entering your dreams. Numerous accounts of yetis communicating with humans telepathically. Astral flight, UFOs and a yeti sighting near Gallup, NM.

I believe that yetis have the power to alter our memories. At one point humans knew about the yeti, but as the yetis’ psychic powers grew, they forced us to forget them… just as they usually make us forget that we’ve seen them today. Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny. I don’t have any proof of this, but I get very strong impressions. I believe the yetis are planting these thoughts in my mind.

This wonderful yeti image comes from Jesse Ross.

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  • My Barker detects objectionable material.  [ Fri Feb 19 2010 1:31 PM ]


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  • UFO Sightings  [ Fri Feb 19 2010 2:45 PM ]

    Bigfoot Sightings and UFO Sightings seem to be one and the same phenomena. Both are very illusive and both lack physical scientific proof of their existence but yet many people have close encounters of Bigfoot & Unidentified Flying Objects.

  • They actually both may have something to do with screen memories,  [ Fri Feb 19 2010 3:18 PM ]

    which is a Freudian term explaining how the mind constructs memories as place holders for events it can't process. Except usually the stories you find are about people who see aliens but remember them as owls, rather than the other way around.

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