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Leave Me Alone, People of Fourth Street Mall

No, guy in a XXL T-shirt with a corporate logo, I will not have a conversation with you. I have some place to be. Why don&rsquo;t you?
No, guy in a XXL T-shirt with a corporate logo, I will not have a conversation with you. I have some place to be. Why don’t you?

Downtown’s Fourth Street Mall could be a nice place. It’s landscaped. It’s a pedestrian thoroughfare between bars, restaurants, hotels and even museums. Every time I stroll down it though, rather than enjoying the trees or the faint scent of Italian spices, I’m panhandled and/or sexually harassed by idle loiterers around the mall. What are the scores of them doing there at 2 p.m. on a Thursday? Why won’t they leave me alone when I’m trying to get a sandwich?

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  • welcome to my world  [ Thu Oct 14 2010 10:56 PM ]

    aka living/working in san francisco. a day does not pass when i'm not harassed (non sexually) by a homeless man or crazy guy. thats city life i guess.

  • Streets of San Francisco  [ Fri Oct 15 2010 10:01 AM ]

    Regarding likewhoa's comment, I came across this article during the week. It goes into what's going on in San Francisco's streets and is something we should be aware of here in Albuquerque.


  • They have nothing to do and nowhere to go  [ Fri Oct 15 2010 12:47 PM ]

    because they are homeless. Get it?

  • Hmmm  [ Mon Oct 18 2010 12:00 PM ]

    [Re: rstern22] I don't think it's fair to assume that all of these people are homeless. How do you know? My question is why are people loitering and harassing passersby in that particular spot? Why aren't people there to enjoy themselves? I think that's what the designers of the Fourth Street Mall intended.

  • it also reeks of piss  [ Mon Oct 18 2010 1:24 PM ]

    wanna hear something gross? i dropped my pizza on that sidewalk, but i was so hungry and tired that i picked it up and ate it. hey, it was just the crust side.

    but yes, that walkway is totally fucking annoying. you can't walk through without getting called at. i think my new solution may be to start talking to myself as i walk through. they don't want to talk to crazy.

  • Ah  [ Mon Oct 18 2010 1:54 PM ]

    When walking I wear headphones and dark sunglasses. I don't have to hear or see anyone. The other day I forgot my armor though.

  • it sucks  [ Mon Oct 18 2010 2:27 PM ]

    that women get hooted at and honked at no matter where you are. rich/poor alike do it.

    it sucks that there are not a lot of places in town where homeless can hang out

    it sucks that there are so many hungry and homeless people around--not because they're annoying me, but because I wish more people had homes and food and healthcare. and i wish this city was better at taking care of people who need help.

  • Do what I do  [ Mon Oct 18 2010 3:07 PM ]

    Walk with a scary-looking dog, and they'll be too intimidated to mess with you.

  • What I have learned  [ Tue Oct 19 2010 10:21 AM ]

    is keep a p'oed look on your face when walking through that area. It causes wrinkles, but keeps people from trying to talk to you.

  • If I were homeless...  [ Tue Oct 19 2010 10:54 AM ]

    I'm fairly certain I'd worry more about getting my next meal than catcalling at some random passerby. Just me.

  • Unless, Fox,  [ Tue Oct 19 2010 11:18 AM ]

    you were really bored and angry.

  • That excuse  [ Tue Oct 19 2010 1:03 PM ]

    didn't work when I was 5 years old and definitely wouldn't work in my adulthood.

    If I were as bleeding-heart as you miha, I'd have so many more homeless friends. They really suck at hosting parties, though.

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