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"I Saw You" undressing me with your eyes

Who saw? Who was seen? Was it you?

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3rd Repair man from Sears

THANKS! you're my hero!

The water heater is not the only thing you got running hot. You are one seriously sexy man.

You left me hot and steamy, unlike the other 2 repair men who left me icy cold.

I really enjoyed talking with you. Indeed, you sparked my interest while you worked on my ignitor.

If you are available and interested, so am I.

Even if you aren't interested you still have my undying thanks … until the water heater stops working again that is. :-)

Guy in green scrubs

I saw you at St. Francis Animal Clinic. You were working, I was the brunette in the dress, we exchanged a few words and I could tell you were undressing me with your eyes. Take me on a date, sexy man.

Great Gatsby at El Patio

You were wearing a Great Gatsby shirt at El Patio on Saturday (around 6 p.m, July 28). I was reading the Hobbit, longish hair and a dark blue shirt. We ordered the same plate. Oddly enough, the waiter said most of the conversation starters I was thinking of, which would have been awkward if I repeated them. I was wondering if next time instead of sitting alone, we could share a table and get to know each other?

Planet Fitness on Juan Tabo

Hey there good lookin’ … you were wearing a red t-shirt and black gym shorts. You had a sexy mole on your cheek and the hottest sleeve tattoos … 7/23/2012 @ 4:30 p.m. I saw you looking my way several times. Just wanted to say "I enjoyed watching you work out, " totally hot … You left too soon!! Can't wait until the next time … mmmmmm

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